A College Student’s Clothing Haul

Almost every clothing haul resembles a mountain. Mine resembles the rubble that tumbles down as you hike up the mountain. I put aside 40$ to get some new clothes for the new school semester. With that amount of money, I decided to go shopping at Forever 21. I came out with one outfit. This skirt for $15.90

Forever 21 Pink Skirt

This skirt is one of the nicest skirts I have found at Forever21. The material is velvet and soft like a bed sheet. It isn’t stiff and it’s thin. I’m 5’3″ and weigh 110 pounds. I love that it isn’t tight where it’s uncomfortable to move. The string to tie up the skirt is thick yet sturdy and soft like the material of the skirt. Here is a picture of it on

The other item is this top for $9.90

Forever 21 Creme Top

I get warm easily so this top is perfect. Not only because I can wear it with jeans, skirts, under overalls. It is thin and it’s not going to make me feel unbearably hot when I wear it. It is thin where you can almost see my bra but not completely. The mock neck is thin and feels like I’m wearing a wide necklace. Here is a picture of it on.

Since I always have a low amount of money to spend, I have to be careful about what I choose to buy. Doing this, comes with the heartbreak of having to put back an item that I absolutely adored but can only be worn during a certain season or can only be worn as one outfit. In exchange, I buy clothes that I love yet are more versatile. These two pieces are perfect . I can wear both now(the end of summer) , during Fall, Winter, and Spring.

The skirt can be worn with long sleeves, coats, boots, leggings, and different tops I already own. Here’s an example.

The Forever21 top can go with every skirt I own, under my cat overalls, and different bottoms Here’s another example.

Even though it’s just a new top and a new skirt to wear with something I already own, they’re going to make me feel like I’m wearing a new outfit each time I pair them with different tops or bottoms. My advice to anyone similar to me, someone who doesn’t have so much money to spend on clothes but still love fashion, is to go for clothing items that can be worn in various ways and to keep in mind items that you already own as you shop. Thank you for stopping by! I hope to see you in another post! 👋🏻

P.S. The review of the clothes I bought is my honest opinion and they worked out for me but may not be as great for anyone else.Bye

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