My Makeup Routine

Makeup is one of the things I’m awful at yet love to play with. I mostly focus on colors because that’s what makes makeup fun for me so I use products that will give me color like eyeshadow, lipstick, highlighter, eyeliner, and colored mascara. In my makeup routine I only use eyeshadow, highlighter and lipstick.

Let’s get started ( ◠‿◠ )!

I start off by putting sunscreen on my face.

Sunscreen from Target

If you’ve been looking for a good sunscreen to use on your face or a sunscreen that isn’t so thick and creamy, I highly recommend this one. As the bottle advertises, it is weightless and it does feel like it’s barely on.

Next I add my eye shadow. Before I put on eyeshadow, I use eyeshadow primer. This is the one I’ve been using.

I might be using it wrong but Somedays I do find it a little bit difficult when I apply my eyeshadow. It feels like my eyeshadow brush is trudging through a lake of mud. I find it worth going through because it helps my eyeshadow stick on through my day a bit longer.

Finally, it’s time to add my eyeshadow from this pallet.

Pallet Ulta

In this pallet, I mainly use the one that is the most colorful and vibrant which is Icon. I then add on Girl Boss at the inner corner of my eye and blend it towards the middle of my eye lid. The other colors in this pallet are just as beautiful and bold but they’re more neutral and not as colorful as the rose pink color I love. One day (once I can afford my own products lol) I’ll be able to buy a pallet with various colors. I’ve been looking into the Take me to Brazil Pallet by BH Cosmetics but I’m not sure if it’s worth buying. If anyone knows or has any suggestions on other pallets I’d love to know!

Now time for my favorite part……… HIGHLIGHTER!

Highlighter Ulta

I absolutely love this highlighter from MAC it looks brown in the packaging but it has a pink tone to it. Once applied the pink shimmers and shines beautifully and brightly.

The last part of my routine is lipstick.

Lipstick MAC

This is another one of my favorite products. Not only is the metallic rose color beautiful but the product works well. It stays on even after I drink water and eat. Only a small touch is needed.

Aaannddd that’s it! I hope you enjoyed seeing my process I take to get this final look. It’s not perfect but I like that this gives my face a pop of color and I feel good.

Thank you for stopping by! Any tips or suggestions on makeup would be great! See you later 👋🏻

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