My Art Projects for the Week

A great way to get to know me is revealing the creative side of my personality. This week I’m working on two acrylic paintings.

One of them is a self-portrait for my portfolio. That’s if I decide that I’d like to continue learning animation.

The face is done I have to fix some parts I accidentally went over with a different color. The shirt is going to be redone since it came out looking like it’s a torn up pirate shirt or scratched in onto a chalkboard. Otherwise I’m pretty happy with my color choice. I still need a lot more practice with skin color but I think it’s boring to have paintings end up coming out exactly like a picture. To change it up, I like to exaggerate the color and purposely not care if I don’t get the colors right because that gives me the challenge of seeing what other colors to use that will fit the painting.

Another is this dog painting my mom’s friend wants me to paint for her.

I think so far I’m doing pretty well. I haven’t done much because I’m sort of unmotivated but it’s really great practice so I do it anyway. I still put in the best effort even if it’s something I don’t really enjoy. Plus I learned from the last dog I painted about skin color. Without that painting I wouldn’t have figured out how skin color works. You never know what you end up learning or liking if you don’t try it at all.

My artworks do have flaws and I still have a long way to go to be better. My journey with painting and drawing has only just begun.

Hopefully I’ll get these done by the end of this week so I can focus on drawings. Let me know if you’re interested in an update! Thanks for stopping by! See you later! 👋🏻

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