My Trip to London

During the month of June I travelled Across the globe to to London, Cambridge, Stamford, and other little cities surrounding Stamford. I absolutely loved it! I was so sad to come back home but I hope to live in or near London one day.

These pictures aren’t good quality. I don’t really like to take time to get a perfect picture of myself or places. To me, the best pictures are the quickly snapped ones that show all of the imperfections. Anyway here is my trip!

This was the location of my hotel. It was perfect because down the street there was the underground train station! It was easy to figure out how to get to different areas unlike New York’s subway.

We ate breakfast at the hotel everyday and this was the view. If we got lucky, we would get a table with a window.

The next stop are the Towers of London. I wasn’t expecting a castle at all 😅

I llllooovvvvee all of the history these towers have! My favorite part of history that I learned from here was about Lady Jane Grey. I even watched a documentary about her!

There’s one thing that was really great about London (ignoring the exchanging of money) the prices on items were fantastic.

This hhhuugggeee Hot Dog squished between a baguette would’ve probably costed 15$ in a tourist attraction in California but I only paid 5 or 6 pounds for it!

Another place in London that I visited was Carnaby Street. That’s where I visited Irregular Choice. I really wanted these Toy Story shoes I tried on but they were way over my budget 😔

I don’t think I have a picture of Carnaby Street it. This might be Carnaby Street? It might just be a street connecting to it

Let’s journey off to Stamford and Cambridge now. Stamford is where I stayed with my mom’s friend who lives there. Because of her friend, I was able to see what else England has to offer. Although it did get lonely being in Stamford after a while since it wasn’t so crowded like London and there was less to do. Here is Stamford.

those are the only pictures I took in Stamford 😂 I was too busy having fun and enjoying myself. The town had a medieval times feel. I absolutely adored it and it would make a perfect medieval times movie location.

I also visited Cambridge

Cambridge reminded me of Stamford but I liked it better. There were more people, places to eat, more shopping, universities and a river where you can ride in a punt.

We also went further out from Stamford where it would be filled with greenery for miles. This is where we stopped by.

I completely forgot where exactly this was but it was a part of a hotel that resembled a house.

The day before I left (the saddest day) I went to the Burghley House and had lunch there. The food was surprisingly yummy 😋

The second picture with the flowers was where we sat to eat lunch. I regret not getting pictures of the rooms inside. The walls of the rooms were covered in paintings and stunning artwork. Even the furniture bed sheets, blankets, and pillow covers matched the rooms.

I am very thankful and fortunate that my mom took me on this trip, thanks mom! I love you! I hope that I get to visit again one day. I truly miss being in England😭Thanks for reading!See ya later, Bbbbbbyyyeeee! 👋🏻

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