A Fall Celebration

Hello! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ To celebrate Fall, I want to show my favorite dress I’ll be wearing this season.

Here is the Dress

If I was a dress, this is how I would look. It’s totally me in dress form!! I find it best to wear it with my hair in a ponytail. It has the colors red, orange, and black so I can pair it with a coat, boots, and purses that match with those colors. The little puff on the shoulder area is an adorable touch!

This is the back of it

Here you can notice that the sleeves have a button at the cuff. Yet another adorable detail! I absolutely love the back. Without the buttons running down the back, I don’t think this dress would be as cute as it is.

Some pros about this dress are that there’s a black dress lining underneath it, the fabric feels thick enough for those cold winter days yet thin enough to wear on a chilly night, and the belt is removable so I can switch it if I want or remove it but I probably won’t since it’s another detail this dress has that gives it that sparkle.

Some cons are that I can’t wear it right now!!! I was hot even putting it back on at my house. It’s 92 degrees where I live! What a great way to start Fall (no not really) the buttons aren’t as sturdy as they can be. I had to put the first one back because the buttons felt like they would fall off right when I got home.


With my hair up, I can show off my earrings I paired up with the dress. These are the ones I would wear

I love my light pink gummy bear earrings!

When it’s chilly or more on the warmer side, I would pair these shoes with it

They’re my favorite pair of shoes I own and wear almost everyday. That’s why they look so worn in 😂

I would probably pair it with my ankle boots or knee high boots on the colder days.

Last of the accessories is my purse!

I would want to wear a purse that matches the dress yet stands out to help make it pop out. This is the perfect purse to do that!

Before saying bye, I want to mention that I bought this dress from Zara. Here is the link if you’re interested! Zara Dress

Aaaanndddd that’s all I have to say! I’m so excited for the weather to cool down! What’s your favorite part of Fall? I’d love to read any comments you have! Leave a follow or like if you enjoyed this post 😄 I hope to see you in a next one. Thanks for stopping by! See you later, bye! 👋🏻

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