Art Projects for the Week

Hello again! It’s another art update of what art projects I’ll be doing this weeks. It’s pretty much the same as last week. I didn’t finish like I said I wanted to. I got distracted by shopping. Whooopppsssss!

Once again, I’ll be trying to finish this painting. I made some progress from last week. I got the right side of the shirt in!(the painting’s right) So now I have to do the left side. I had to bring the collar of my shirt down more and I have to add some more dark values for shadows on my neck area. I also got the left arm in. One last thing to fix is the shirt on the left side. After all of that, I can finish the arm. That won’t be fun at all .

Next is the dog painting

I almost have the whole head finished. She’s kind of looking like melting pizza so I’ll have to see how to fix that but I don’t think it looks bad? I think it could be a cool style?

Well let’s just hope I really do finish these this week 🤣 thanks for reading! Leave a like or a comment! See you later, bye! 👋🏻

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