Pencil and Liquid Eyeliner

As a beginner in makeup, it’s better to go for a product that will work the best so you can focus on getting better rather than using a product that will get in the way of you progressing. I’ve been wearing eyeliner for about a year now and I struggled with pencil eyeliner ever since the beginning of my eyeliner days. The first one I tried was the Mac Technakohl Liner.

Mac Eyeliner Pencil

Give it a try if you want!

This was the first of many eyeliner pencils I used that didn’t work out for me. I struggled to draw that darn black line each time I would try out an eyeliner pencil. I could never get a good handle over it. It’s like using a pen that keeps running out as you write. I could be crazy and it could’ve just been the poor choice of products or just me being bad at eyeliner.

After trying out pencil eyeliner, I moved onto liquid eyeliner to see if that would work better for me. It ended up being way easier to use. liquid eyeliner goes on smoothly and you don’t have to press down much to get any of the product on. Because of that, it’s easier to control. You can go from putting hardly any pressure to get some liquid out or pressing down harder to get more liquid. You can even turn it to its side to get a thicker line or use the very top to get a thin line. It wasn’t a struggle to at least get a line onto my eyelid. With a thin tip, it’s good to get small details and easier to go back and fix any part that doesn’t look right. If you’re looking for a liquid eyeliner I highly suggest getting the Stila Stay all day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.

Stila Eyeliner

There is one annoying thing about this. Some of the felt strings out!

It’s so small to tell but it’s right at the tip!

Or if you’re looking for something cheap in price, I found the Elf H2O Proof Eyeliner Pen as a good cheaper option.

Elf Eyeliner

What do you find easiest to use? I’d love to read any comments you have. Good luck eye lining!

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