My Art Projects for the Week

Hello! One thing that I finally finished is my dog painting!

A mini project I did and finished is this happy cloud sticker to use as part of my thank you card for items I sell on eBay

I did it with pencil first, outlined it with a sharpie, and then I scanned it into the computer and printed it as a sticker!

Finally, the projects I’ll be working on! I’ll be finishing my portrait

I made a lot of progress since the last time. I have to fix my chest area. There’s toooooo many patches and shapes I don’t mind it but I’d like to blend it a bit better. What do you think? I think I did a pretty good job but I can take the criticism! Oh! I also want to add my gummy bear earrings I always wear.

I’ll also start outlining the other dog I’m painting. It looks like this.

The owner even wants me to add the rock so wish me luck 😅😅

Thanks for reading! Leave a like, comment, or follow me! Or all three of them! I hope to see you in a next post! Bye! 👋🏻

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