Favorite Fall Outfits

Hhhheelloooo! I want to join in on the October celebrations so I decided to show my favorite outfits I’ll be wearing this Fall. IF THE DARN WEATHER EVEN COOLS DOWN. Ideally to 50 degrees. On top of the weather usually being warm, I don’t get cold easily so I don’t mind wearing things that aren’t so stuffy. Most of the time, I prefer wearing a jacket over my outfits that way I can at least remove it if it gets hot.

Outfit 1: Mom’s Closet

You get a peak at my room and my cat!

This dress is actually a shirt my mom never wore. I decided to turn it into a dress for me to wear. I think it looks like something I bought from Free People (another brand I can’t afford). Don’t worry I’ll At least wear tights underneath, a tank top or a long sleeve, and definitely dress shorts which I’m wearing.

The boots also used to be my moms. I like that they have fur on the inside and that it pops out a little. I can use it to match up with my furry coat.

I love that the coat is reversible! I can wear it on the maroon side or the brown side! Although I’m not sure if it goes with this dress. What do you think?

Outfit 2: Risky Business with the Weather

Buckle Sweater

H&M Jeans

I have to be careful when I choose to wear this outfit. There is a high chance I might become a pool filled with sweat. BUT I absolutely LOVE this sweater! It’s so soft! If you get tired in class, you could wear something underneath, take it off, and use it as a pillow! It feels like a fresh blanket that came out of the dryer. Although there is some yarn coming out from it but it looks like it’s part of the style. The band of the sleeves are tight so it gives the sleeves a tiny poof which I think is a cute detail.

The pants are sooooo perfect! Flared jeans never fit me right and they’re always too expensive for me to tailor them. These fit me perfectly. I was shocked because they’re from H&M and usually their clothes doesn’t fit right.

Lastly, I’ve worn these boots so many times and they’re the comfiest ones I own and my favorite to wear everyday!

Outfit 3: The Favorite dress is back in another post!

Zara Dress

I already went into detail of this dress in another post. Check it out if you want! Here I’m wearing it with two different types of shoes. The first is with long boots when it’s a colder day. I would also wear tights underneath. Maybe I should get some that have a pattern on them? What do you think? By the way, I’m not putting on my tights to show because It’s super hot and too much of a hassle to put on.

Then I’m wearing it with my sandals and my white socks with ribbons on the back. I don’t have ankle boots to pair up with this dress so I thought maybe I could add some socks to them so At least my feet wouldn’t freeze. I would also throw on a jacket (I haven’t found one that matches it nicely) This would be for warmer days. The sandals used to be my moms and my socks are from Japan! I just realized that I put the belt strap on the wrong way!

What are some of your favorite things you’ll be wearing this Fall? Which outfit was your favorite?

Leave a like if you enjoyed or follow me for more! Thanks for reading! I hope to see you again bye!👋🏻

I hope to one day have better pictures lol

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