A Hot Mess?

Hello! As I was walking through the checkout line at Marshalls, I saw Too Faced lip products!! I had to try give it a try since it was being sold for 3.99$ that’s a really great deal especially if I’m unsure about it.

This is what I bought!

Lipstick Link

I love this color. It is called Hot Mess. It’s definitely not anything unique though.

BUT it would be the perfect detail to go with a pink make up look, you’ll feel confident, HOT 🔥, and feel like Sandy when she transforms into a greaser girl at the end of Grease.

For appearance, it ended up being the opposite of a mess. It’s more like the happiness you feel after cleaning up a mess. It’s thick and feels like you’re dipping a stick into honey (as the description says) and wiping it over your lips. One dip into the product is perfect. It gives a nice shine as a glare would look on latex material and it feels smooth.

I think two dips into the product is too much. It will be too thick and it will make you feel like you’re wearing a gooey mess. It does wipe off easily and leaves a lot of stain on whatever you’re drinking and eating.

For 3.99$ this product is worth it. For 21$, I would save my money for a better product that gives the same effect.

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