A Haunting?

I went to Freeform’s haunted house that was Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas themed. I had to drive aaalll the way to Los Angeles!

The Lombardi House is our first stop of the night. Keep scrolling, if you dare. 👀

To leave reality behind, we have to get through this tunnel!

I’ll tell you what’s at the end of the tunnel so you won’t be so spooked! Gravestones! with all of your beloved Disney Pixar characters rotting underneath! Are you ready to join them?

I’m sure not. This wasn’t what I was expecting at all. I was expecting a haunted house where we could walk through and look at things. Instead, it was filled with photo ops for Instagram.

There were things to look at but it would be things you see getting into line to get to the main attraction which was the photo opportunities set up for you. Here are a couple of things!

This is Dr.Finkelstein’s Lab

Oogie Boogie’s Layer

The neon decorations were cheap. It felt like duct tape wrapped around styrofoam and looked like something student’s in high school made.

ONE COOL THING is that there was a spinning wheel where you could win a prize if you land on jackpot and GUESS WHAT! I did!! I won a travel edition of Yahtzee!

Before this, I have never won anything!!

This is one of the photo opportunities I captured

I thought it was pretty cute!

Now, let’s venture off to the Hocus Pocus area. I didn’t like this part much. Well, maybe it’s because I’ve never seen it but it reminded me of that store Pottery Barn.

For all you Hocus Pocus Lovers, you’ll probably love this.

It’s the original book from the movie!!! We couldn’t touch it because it was so fragile.

This definitely won’t be a haunting memory. Even though the event could’ve been better, I had a blast. My friend even met a “debatable” celebrity! His name is Grey Damon. I touched his hand! I didn’t know who he was though. The event was definitely worth the free ticket price.

Our last stop before heading home was Downtown Disney. We sadly didn’t and don’t have the money to get into Disneyland so we had to stay on the outskirts,watch the fireworks from the parking lot, and watch aallll the lucky people leave from the Disneyland park.

They didn’t even have the corn dog I wanted 😭 I had to get a kid’s corn dog which was still delicious and they didn’t give me the kettle chips they serve with the corn dog like they do inside the park. Instead, I got boring Lays.

I hope to one day get to visit Disneyland, California Adventure again, get the kettle chips I deserve, and a turkey leg.

Thanks for reading! Leave a like if you enjoyed or follow me for more adventurers filled with makeup, paintings, and places to travel through. I hope to see you again! Bye! 👋🏻

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