My Art Projects

Hello! It’s another one of my art update posts! Check out my other posts to see my progress on projects!

Finished Art Projects

I finished one of the dog paintings I was commissioned to do.

I’m also pretty much done with my self portrait. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to add because I feel like it’s missing something. What do you think?

It’s a painting that has lovely detail when you look close up. I love how paint strokes look and how using different size brushes give unique strokes.

Projects I’m Working on this Week

I started to outline the other dog I’m painting. I’m having a difficult time with the position the dog is posing in. I’m sure I’ll figure it out after a billion tries. So I’ll be working on this.

I’ll also start doing some drawings to practice animation, but I want to do some composition practice with a still life first. Then I’ll probably start learning about line of action. I think understanding composition, line of action, and proportions better will help in bringing life and emotion into my characters and stories.

Previous Work I’ve Done

I haven’t shown the things I’ve done before!

This is the dog that started my little painting dog business

The dog’s right arm looks more yellow in the picture but it isn’t in person. I’ll keep improving! I’m thankful for my mom telling her friends about my talent and getting me more out there.

This is a landscape I did!

That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading! Leave a like if you enjoyed! Or follow me to tag along on more adventures! I hope to see you again! Bye👋🏻

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