Dried Out

It’s that time of the year again! Where the surrounding sounds are far from being silent. My favorite sound is the crunching of leaves as I walk on them to get to my destination and how they sound like a ball of paper rolling on the ground as the wind runs them by me. The worst part about the Fall weather, is how my skin ends up looking like the cracks on the dried dying leaves. Luckily, I found the perfect lotion that helps to patch up all the cracks we might have as a result of the cold dry weather!

The Jergens Nourishing Honey Dry Skin Moisturizer

Jergens Lotion

I always like to find things that are very affordable yet good quality. This lotion is one of them. At target, it’s only 7.99 for a 26.5 FL OZ bottle. It’s a good price for how much of the product there is so it will last a while. Even if you run out of it quickly, You won’t be spending so much to buy more.


The lotion is similar to how water feels on your hand if you let the faucet water run down your hand. It also feels similar to dish soap. I love how thin it feels because I can’t stand thick lotions. I might be exaggerating here, but thick lotions make me feel too uncomfortable almost as if I’m wearing a sweater.


As the bottle says, it has “Orange Blossom Essence” and it smells just like that. It’s refreshing. The picture that comes to mind, when I smell this lotion, is me smelling a bouquet of flowers. The smell isn’t strong though. It might just be me but I have to put my nose close to it to really smell it. The smell doesn’t stay long either so it’s still okay to put perfume on top of it.

It’s a perfect lotion to have around. Maybe you’d like to save the expensive lotion for different occasions and use this one to run errands, go to class, or go to the gym. Even to simply just use on your hands. Which is what I use it for.

Well thanks for reading 😄 leave a like if you enjoyed or follow me for more! I hope to see you again! Bye! 👋🏻

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