My Philosophy

I love cleansing my face after a day out. The dirt the wind throws at my face gets all washed off along with all of the makeup I wore. It leaves a fresh clean canvas ready to be painted once again in the morning.

The one cleanser I absolutely enjoy is the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser.

QVC Philosophy

I have the SUPER SIZE!! (32 oz) from QVC and it gets automatically delivered to me every 5 months. On QVC, you can pay it in payments every month. The cheapest (at the philosophy website) is a 3 oz bottle for $11.00 3 oz Bottle

All that I have to say about this product is positive. It’s creamy and light. It feels like I’m applying lotion to my face. Some facial cleansers that I previously have used leave my face feeling dry, but this one leaves my face feeling hydrated as if I applied lotion. Another plus is that it removes most of your makeup. I say most because even if it seems like your makeup has been removed, you should scrub or wipe your face to make sure the makeup did get removed.

Immediately when you put on the product, you feel refreshed. A similar experience to how it makes me feel is when I smell mint leaves. The cleanser even feels cold as how a mint flavored item does like mint gum. The smell plays a big part of the freshness you feel. Like how the smell of mint leaves leaves me feeling cool and fresh.

How I use the Product

I don’t use face masks or use anything to scrub my face along with it. As the bottle says, it’s a “one-step facial cleanser.”

I usually put a drop about the size of a dime into my palm. Mixed with some water that I splash onto my face before applying it and that does it. I then massage it around my face for about 30 seconds. The bottle says at the most to massage for 60 seconds but you can do whatever you want hehehe.

About My Face

I’m 21 and my face is dry and I hardly ever get pimples. I normally only get them if I’ve been picking at my face or scratch at it. The only makeup I wear is lipstick, occasionally eyeliner, eyeshadow, and highlighter or blush. The bad thing is that, I don’t wipe it off I just use this cleanser and I’m happy doing that.

Even though my skin is pretty anti-pimple, I’m 99% sure that this product also helps in keeping the pimples away. When I run out of the product and I’m left with nothing to use, a small amount of pimples ( More than what I’m used to) do start to pop up.

Other’s Experience

My brother has oily skin that is usually filled with pimples. He uses this product along with one of those pore cleansing pads. His pimples are contained. The same thing happens when he doesn’t have the product. His pimples start to come right back.

For my mom who also has oily skin, wears foundation, concealer, powder, eye makeup, etc., and likes that the product removes her makeup. She doesn’t wipe it off and it leaves her face feeling clean and fresh. She does use it twice. Once for the makeup and again right after to actually get her face cleaned.

Aaannddd that’s all I have to say!

Thanks for reading! Leave a like if you enjoyed or follow me for more! I hope to see you again! Bye! 👋🏻

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