Favorite Skirts to Wear

AAAHHH! I’m so excited to show some of my favorite skirts I own! I’ll show what top I pair with each skirt but my main focus will be the skirts πŸ˜„

I really enjoy wearing long skirts. They always make me feel like I’m in a Disney princess movie from the 50’s like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. It also makes me feel a lot like Audrey Hepburn. Well It’s pretty obvious that (like many of you out there) I love love LOVE the vintage elegant look!

Skirt One: Pretty in Pink

This is absolutely my favorite skirt I own. I will cry on the day I try it on and it doesn’t fit me. My mom bought it for me when she went to Japan! It’s pleated and pinches me right at the waist so it causes it to puff and flow but it’s not too much of it where it feels like I’m wearing a puffy ball gown. I love this about it because it makes it perfect for twirling and transforming into a blossomed pink rose. The floral pattern makes it even more perfect. It gives the skirt that little POP that makes it beautiful and stand out.

Skirt Two: “Puuurfect in Purrrple”

This skirt is way more casual than the previous skirt. I feel more comfortable wearing this one at school or shopping. I love that there are more pleats to it and a floral design. I can pair it with a plain shirt yet not be so plain because of the details in the skirt. I can even dress it down and give it more of a tomboy look like wearing my black turtleneck along with my shiny creepers.

The next skirts are mini skirts. I enjoy wearing them just as much as long skirts. Except I feel more like a Barbie doll riding in my pink limousine heading towards my pink mansion.

Skirt Three: Fall in a Skirt

Link to Skirt

*** Be careful with the size of this skirt! If you’re going to buy this skirt I suggest going a size up to have a looser fitting skirt. I’m 5’3″, weigh 110 pounds, and bought a small. The skirt fits me like a tight skirt with the length of a short skort but I like the way it looks with how I have it now. The fitting looks more like this one Link to Skirt Example ***

This shirt is just temporary until I find a top to go with it. I want to take advantage of wearing multiple colors with it! I’m trying to get into wearing more colorful clothing items since I’m such a huge fan of playing with color. I’m thinking of getting a light blue top. What do you think? I think blue will help my skirt stand out more. The skirt is super short but that’s the style of it. I feel comfortable in it though as if I’m a model walking through the streets of London. Luckily, It has a lining underneath to help me feel more secure. I can’t wait to wear this with leggings and boots! It should get cold after Halloween.

Skirt Four: “Get the London Look”

Link to Skirt

I’m surprised I was still able to find it! And on sale too!! I bought it last year.

Can you spot my lighting source? 🀣 I feel like I’m going on a trip to London in this skirt. It has a cute “get the London look” feel. I love the little lace detail going straight down on the front of the skirt. It also has huge pockets! Even though it’s tight fitting, it’s still stretchy so I don’t feel so uncomfortable and restrained in it. It’s similar to how legging feel just a skirt version of them. You can wear it casually or wear it for going out!

Annndddd that’s all! Sorry for the bad pictures. One day they’ll be better. I’m still trying to get more comfortable taking pictures so that’s why a lot of them are in my bedroom and they’re taken by myself.

Which skirt did you like the most?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Leave a like if you did or follow for more! I also enjoy reading comments! I hope to see you again, bye! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

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