I was given a pair of two different colored opal earrings only because they didn’t match and I love that about them! Hopefully, I can make you feel more comfortable to wear an item split with two different colors even if it’s something as small as a pair of earrings.

Here they are!

A pair of earrings split into different colors can be very versatile. Earrings are similar to how we pair our shoes with our purses. Depending on what colors they have, you can match them with a color on your outfit. Since mine are blue, dark/light creme and pink. Well, it looks red in some lighting so I’m going to say they’re reddish pink 🤣 I can pair them with something that has those colors or even something that will complement them nicely to help give them the spotlight they deserve.

I focused on the blue of the earrings and made my top match mostly the blue half. I could even go off of the dark/light creme side of the earrings and pair it with a white shirt and move the focus toward the dark creme detail along with the white in the skirt.

Here’s a Tip: Say you’re wearing a lot of blue, adding its compliment color (orange) to the outfit is going to help give it contrast, feel more balanced and not look so overwhelming. That’s with any complementary color! Complementary colors come in handy when you don’t know what top to pair a color with or if you want a certain color in a pattern to stand out. I love using that color scheme when I paint!

Earrings like these are perfect for those of you who aren’t so much into color, don’t want to wear something that’ll make them stand out from a crowd, or give a business outfit a small taste of your personality.

I love black, white, and grey. Almost every color matches well with them and any touch of color you add to a black and white, or grey outfit is going to stand out. I especially love pairing those colors with red! Which is partly why these earrings are perfect!

The outer rim shines brightly in pink here and the opals are shinning in their own colors too! As said before, the black background is really helping the color of these earrings pop out! An odd pair of earrings like these give this type of outfit a little spice rather than wearing a perfectly matching outfit head to toe. I do think they’re better off with an all black outfit though

You could always go with matching earrings but what’s the fun in that!

Having earrings that are split into two different colors or even other items like T-shirts and pants can seem intimidating or not even be given a chance, but don’t give up on those crazy split colored items! You should make them work and get creative!

Do you have a favorite pattern to wear? Maybe polka dots, maybe flowers, or maybe stripes?!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! If you did leave a like or follow for more 😄 I’d love to see you again! Bye! 👋🏻

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