A Perfectly Perfect Turtleneck

The one top I love to have in my closet is a turtleneck but I felt like I needed a new one so I went shopping for one! For this year’s cold season!

Forever 21 Turtleneck

There are so many ways to wear this top! I hope I can give you some ideas with a top you’re wondering how to wear or how to wear a top similar to this with summer clothes 😄

A part of the reason I chose this top is because it’s thin which makes it perfect to wear underneath other clothing items.

Outfit 1

One of the ways to wear this top, is under a jumpsuit!

In case you’re wondering these are the shoes I paired this outfit with


I wanted to make sure to find a way to wear this outside of summer as well. I feel very comfortable going shopping and going to class in this since it’s so loose fitting. Almost like I’m wearing fashionable pajamas! I wasn’t sure which shoes to pair this with. Do you have any ideas?

Outfit 2

Of course it would pair nicely underneath some overalls.

THE COLOR is another lovable aspect. I lllooovveeeee this color! It matches well with my black clothing items especially with this gingham dress and it gives a nice contrast of color!

Outfit 3

Dresses with a tank top cut can be kind of tough to transition into the colder days. Of course depending on the style of dress, a turtle neck, mock neck, or a mesh top can help solve that problem! Except I think most of you would still need a big coat to throw over since it’s probably freezing where you live❄️❄️❄️❄️

Solid tops seem simple but are important to have. They could be the one piece in your busy outfit that can help ease the eye and bring everything you’re wearing together. Just like how I use my blue top in the next photo.

Outfit 4

Anndddd that’s all! I really hope I helped you in some way. Even if it was reading just for enjoyment 😄 thanks for stopping by! Leave a like if you enjoyed! Get to know me better by following me on Instagram! My Instagram

******I know some pieces are repetitive from previous blogs and posts on Instagram but I don’t have the money to splurge on a bunch of clothes yet. One day I will be able to buy everything and anything I want 😄 for now I have to go with clothing pieces I can wear during most seasons and pair them in different ways. Also, I’m trying my best with the photos I take on my own 😭*******

Bbbyyeee! I really hope to see you again!

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