A Mickey Mouse Celebration?

Okay I know bomber jackets aren’t popular anymore BUT I have this amazing bomber jacket to show you all! It lines up perfectly with Mickey’s birthday coming up! Sort of. It’s also perfect for a Disneyland outfit!! Especially if you’re going to Disney Japan

Hopefully I give you an outfit idea on how to wear a bomber jacket. That’s one problem I have. I always end up putting it away because I never feel like I look good wearing it. On top of that, I always wear my hair up when I wear it because my hair down doesn’t look good with it! Anyway, I think I made it look pretty good in this outfit.

(My fish came to say hello)

This jacket is perfect for anyone who lives in dumb ol sunny California or somewhere with similar weather. It’s really light yet it’s nice to throw over on those days when it’s chilly out. The material feels soooo ssmmoottthh on my skin. It almost feels like Silk.

The smallest details are what make this jacket perfect to my eyes

One are the arrows lining the pockets

They’re real pockets!!

The stripes running along the collar, the wrist of the sleeve, and bottom

Of course, the detailing on the sleeves

So many stripes everywhere! I love that there are stripes in some areas. Especially the one thick burgundy stripe running down the sleeve. It’d be too plain without that detail. I also like that it’s not all burgundy keeping the jacket as one solid color all around.

Finally, the back!

The back is what really caught my eye when I first saw it. I knew I had to have it! It gives a girly flare to it and I love the design! The colors match up with the grey metallic part of the sleeve so it helps stay with the flow of the jacket. It has a touch of pink which complements well with the grey!

I bought this jacket from Uniqlo. They sadly don’t sell it anymore but they have so many cute Disney items! So it’s worth to check it out! It’s really good quality compared to other brands. Maybe you could find another cute bomber jacket! Here’s the Link to Uniqlo I hope you enjoy this short post 😋

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope to see you again either on a new post or one of my previous posts 💜 bye!! 👋🏻👋🏻 Get to know me better on Instagram╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

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