Spending a MINImum Amount of Money

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Today’s post isn’t about an expensive brand like L’occitane and Shiseido. It’s about a store that sells items at a cheaper price. That store is Miniso. Have you heard of Miniso? If you haven’t, it’s an inexpensive Japanese? Retail store that sells (from what I’ve seen) super cute plush dolls, household items, Makeup, fashion accessories, and electronic accessories. They sell some of these items as your favorite cartoon characters! I’ve bought a backpack for 10$, 2 cat wallets sold as 2 for 5$ or 2 for 10$ I can’t remember! and a pink car charger for 7$. I found these items to be pretty good finds and worth the money I spent. You should check out the store if you have one near you! Plus! Miniso has some items that would make a perfect stocking stuffer!

The Backpack

I’ve had this backpack for about 1 or 2 years now and I have used it pretty much everyday. I like that the backpack’s style is simply boxy. The material is very thick. It isn’t easy for something to poke a hole into it and it’s sturdy enough to hold whatever I want (usually a water bottle, my wallet, snacks, and my phone) without it loosing its shape over time. Oh yeah! I love how it zips closed so I don’t have to worry about something falling out or someone trying to grab the nothingness that I have in it. Although it’s not perfect, their are some more details and thought put into it than I expected from a store like this.

The front pocket feels like and looks like a fake suede material. I did just notice that it’s cricked 🤣

The inside of the backpack is lined with fabric with 3 pockets added.

There’s even this little loop toprevent the strap from bending outwards

There are a small amount of flaws but nothing that I wouldn’t expect from it.

The Black lining around the backpack rubbed off

Oh great my nails match the chipping of the backpack.I don’t really mind that the black lining is coming off. It’s better than the color of the backpack chipping off which it hasn’t.

And the straps at the top did start to rip a bit from carrying it on one shoulder at times but that’s probably me not being careful with it. It’s so small that I can’t even get a picture of it 🤣

Overall, I’m glad I bought this backpack. It’s even cuter if I add a little keychain hanging from the zipper that doesn’t work!

Tip: Add a cute keychain to cover up a broken zipper🤣

The Cat Wallets

Here it is compared to the size of a pen

Aren’t they so cute?! I didn’t think this wallet would last me a long time at all. I thought the paint would start chipping off, strings would start to pop out, and fall apart. NOOOPPEE I was wrong. I use it every single day and it has only gotten dirty.

They’re very cushiony. If they were the size of a pillow, I wouldn’t mind using them to sleep on during class 🤣 Again, just like the backpack, it’s filled with lovely details. I especially love the little coin purse it has attached to it! And the two little hearts at the top. It’s so simple yet adorable!

The car charger

Okay there’s nothing interesting about a car charger but the color is pretty and will give your car a POP of color. It’s a baby pink if you can’t tell. Usually chargers from cheap stores aren’t really worth buying from because most of the time they break in less than 3 days or don’t even work. This charger isn’t one of those. It has lasted me all year so far but I have only used it when I’m in the car. I’d rather have this one than the apple charger! Apple should sell better quality chargers with different colors hehe. I don’t have much to say about it! If you’re looking for an inexpensive charger that actually will work then I recommend buying this one!

Whenever I go back to Miniso I’m planning on getting one of their plush dolls. They have the characters from We Bare Bears. It’s one of my favorite shows to watch lol.

I hope you enjoyed! Hmmm Should I try their makeup and write a review on it? I’d love to read any comments you have 😄. Thanks for stopping by!

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Bbbbbyyyeee!! I hope to see you again!

4 thoughts on “Spending a MINImum Amount of Money

  1. Aww these wallets are super cute! And that black rubber usually rubs off, it did the same on my backpack, and previous bags that I had. Unfortunately we don’t have that store anywhere near, or maybe lucky, because I would want to buy everything.

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