Marking my face with Miniso

Hey guys! I tried the Big Eyes Double-end Eyeliner and the Kissing Velvet Lipstain/Lipliner from Miniso! I hardly have anything bad to say about one of the products.

Let’s start with the eyeliner duo!

This eyeliner doesn’t feel or look like a cheap plastic kids toy. I might even like the packaging better than the Stila Liquid Eyeliner.

On the golden end, it’s the pencil eyeliner.

The scrolling part does feel a bit flimsy by just lightly tapping on it, but once you scroll it out my thought of it being flimsy goes away. That doesn’t make sense huh? 🤣From my experience, mechanical pencil eyeliners always feel like they’re easily breakable.

The side with the black cap contains the liquid eyeliner

The small black plastic part on this side feels much more sturdy and thicker like my Stila liquid eyeliner.

FINALLY the part you’re probably most interested in. The application of the product

I’m probably better off just showing it on my hand lol. Number 1 is the pencil eyeliner. I wore it all day yesterday on one eye and it never came off. It never ran down to my eye socket leaving my dark circles even darker like some eyeliners do. Of course, it did rub off if I scratched that area. On my hand, the pencil eyeliner does easily rub off if I press down hard on it.

***My skin is more on the dry side and my mom’s on the oily side. For her, both eyeliners did come off a bit, so she would have to apply more throughout her day. It could be because they’re not waterproof. ****

I usually struggle with pencil eyeliner but this one glides on so smoothly. It does look like it needs a bit of shine to it. It looks too matte to me.

Onto the liquid eyeliner! On my hand where I’m able to push down onto my skin as hard as I can, it doesn’t come off at all. Once I apply makeup remover it disappears with no hassle. It will rub off if you scratch at your eye with all the the power you have to stop an itch but that happens even with my Stila eyeliner. That’s not really a problem though unless you rub at your eye a lot like I do once I get home.

The liquid eyeliner works just as any other one does. If you press harder the more liquid comes out and the thicker line you get. The lighter you press the less liquid and the thinner line you’ll get and it’s easy to do small details with. It also applies smoothly and dries within 2 seconds(That’s what it feels like to me).

I would go to Miniso and just buy this eyeliner duo from there. Yes there is Elf but I like the packaging so much more, the application of it better, and the tip of the liquid eyeliner better. I actually really like this. If it’s totally the opposite for you it’s okay because it only costs 2.99$ and the negatives that you find from it aren’t a big deal because you can’t expect to get a spectacular product as you would from Stila, MAC, or Tarte.

Here they are with both on

Now it’s time for the lip stain!!

The packaging feels like something you would find at Mac, Sephora, Ulta, or wherever you shop for your makeup. It feels like it wrapped around in matte paper .

The smell is pppretttyy bad. I wish it smelled like strawberries rather than a crayola marker.

the brush is flat and round so you can turn it to its flat side to fill your lips or use the edges and tip to line your lips.

Here it is on

I do really like this color!!!

It stayed on my lips the best out of all the lip products I’ve worn. It started to come off after I ate and it didn’t leave any mark on my cup after drinking with it on! No it didn’t stay on 24 hours but I don’t think anything really does unless you apply more. It won’t apply to your lips if you put chapstick on before applying it. I tried to do it thinking it was okay and it was a bad choice lol. Ever since that happened the product became hard to apply 😭😭 I have to go over my lips over and over again! Also, the lip stain makes my lips feel dry.

Hmmm I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy this lip stain from Miniso. I might buy it if I’m already at the store. Ah, maybe I’ll look for a better one. It costs 3.49$

If you’re in the mall and there’s a Miniso, I definitely recommend stopping by and checking out their makeup products. It’s always fun to try new things 😄

Do you know any good lip stainers? I’d like to buy one!

Thanks for reading! I hope to see you again and I hope you enjoyed 💕

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