Looking Cute in a Cape Coat

You must have atleast one cape coat in your closet! They’re such a fun piece of clothing to own. Cape coats are definitely my favorite style of coat to wear because they make me feel super cute and like one of those American Girl dolls.

*** Most of the items don’t have links because they’re sold out, are years old, or were part of a sale****

I hope I give anyone who owns a cape coat some outfit inspiration. Even if you don’t own one, you can get some ideas with any other type of coat you have!

First off here’s the coat. You can wear it buttoned all the way up

You can wear it untied

And without the fur

Link to Coat

I got it while Forever 21 was having a sale and the only sizes left seem to be plus sizes. Here’s a post that talks more about the sale Forever on a Budget

Outfit 1

I know my face in most of these pictures is going to look funky 😂 I’m tying my hair up because my poofy , curly, frizzy hair and the fur around my neck look like a mess mixed together.

Ssssoooo I wanted to focus on what color will pop out the best without it clashing with the coat’s busy pattern. Here’s a close up of the pattern

The light blue turtleneck complements the coat nicely yet gives that pop of color I want. Blue is a good color choice because it’s the complementary color of orange and one of the colors this coat has is orange so those two colors put together will be satisfying to pair together.

I stuck with this plain grey skirt from Free People and black shoes to help keep the attention towards my top and coat. The weather is still prrreetttyy cold so I’m wearing my tights with my thigh high socks layered on top of my tights to help keep me warm.

Outfit 2

For this one I went with more of a girly vibe. The weather will get warmer where I live pretty soon so this coat is perfect for those breezy days that call for a light coverup.

Link to boots

Link to Mock Neck Top

I added these white tie up socks from Japan with this look so I can have a small cute detail added. The back of the socks have ribbons to tie into bows. Here’s a better picture of them

I love the cream white top paired with this coat. It brightens me and the coat up so much! The brownish/orangish color of the skirt is so beautiful paired up with this white cream color.

Outfit 3

Of course, most of you have more black than any other color and you might struggle with color choices so black is always safe. If this is you, then this next look is for you!

I decided to button this one all the way up because of the cut on the neck of my dress I’m wearing underneath. I noticed that the coat looks better unbuttoned when you’re wearing a turtleneck or a mock neck top.

To make the coat more causal, I paired it with these boots.

Combat boots

Does this picture Look familiar? You know what they say! Reduce, reuse, recycle!

It’s such a cute outfit to wear if you love wearing black! By wearing this coat with black, it’s going to be that one piece of clothing that will help you stand out from the abyss of darkness.

Outfit 4

I’m not a huge fan of wearing jeans because I feel more comfortable in dresses and skirts. Many of you out there probably love wearing jeans so here’s one with some on!

Jean Link

*** The link isn’t the exact jeans in the picture but they’re the same style. I highly recommend Express jeans. I love them!****

Skinny jeans skinny schmeans! This outfit is definitely the most causal one out of the four. The small flare at the bottom is another small detail that adds on to the outfit that skinny jeans wont give you. I went simple with the top and stuck with a black turtleneck. With this simple outfit, you can add on accessories as dramatic as you want to help stand you out and it won’t be overwhelming.

Well This is pretty much how I’ll be wearing this coat 😄

Annddd that’s all for today! Which outfit is your favorite? Mine is the first one.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed reading! See you next time!

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