Kip Kip Hooray!

Anyone going traveling anytime soon? Need a backpack for school? Maybe you don’t have any of these problems and love shopping for handbags? KIPLING is your place to solve all your problems and shopping needs.

If you haven’t heard of Kipling it’s a store that sells a unique variety of handbags. You’ll find backpacks , luggage, cross body bags, accessories, and more in their signature casual look. I’ll show you some items I found on their website that caught my eye! ** There is a review of the two bags I own after this short segment. I didn’t use my snapshots of the bags from the website because I don’t want to get into trouble**

Under their handbag category on their website, you’ll find crossbody bags, shoulder bags, mini bags, and totes

Look at this adorable 3 in 1 backpack!

Link to 3 in 1 backpack

And this shoulder bag

Shoulder Bag

For backpacks you can get a bag for your laptop, school, or one just to wear!


Make sure to check out the backpack in blue! I adore it so much in that color!

For luggage you can choose from carry ons, the typical rolling luggage, a folding bag, or a duffle bag.

I chose the folding duffel bag.

Folding Duffel Bag

Okay okay! I chose it because I thought it was a pretty neat idea. You can fold it down to fit in another bag you’re carrying! Perfect for travel and to carry for emergencies!

Finally, the accessories! I chose this small sized wallet because it’s so cute!

Small Wallet

They have many different sizes of wallets. I love that it has a zipper! It guarantees that your cards and money won’t slip out.

Time for the review!!


I LLLLOOOVVEEE the two bags I have from Kipling.

The number one thing I like to use Kipling bags for are to travel with and to use for school. When you travel on the plane you might not want something so flashy and would rather carry a simple yet stylish bag. Even while walking through the streets of a foreign country or state you wouldn’t want a bag that will make you stand out in a crowd. Kipling bags super super super casual style of bags are perfect to avoid those problems with.

In addition, Kipling bags are perfect for those of you who stain everything you wear with food or random things that somehow get on you. That person is me lol. Luckily, the bags are so easy to wash!

This backpack is about 4 years old now and it’s still in perfect condition 👌🏻 I use it everyday at school and as a carry on for the plane. I fit my camera, wallet, snacks, water, phone, and any other necessities! Heck if I wanted to I can carry my cat in it! Kipling bags feel very durable but I can only be sure about that with the two bags I own. My backpack can withstand heavy items such as heavy textbooks and the bajillions of snacks I want to carry. It also makes it through all types of weather.

This nylon lining in the backpack helps with it not being easily damageable

You won’t be getting something thin and cheap. You will be getting your money’s worth.

My favorite detail of the Kipling bags are the zippers. They remind me of something I’d see on a little kid’s toys. Does anyone else think that?

Oh man! The zippers are so satisfying to me! They fit perfectly with their style of bags. Plus, they feel less fragile than the normal metal zippers.

I pretty much have the same thing to say for this second bag so I’m just going to show you the style.

You’ll find that a lot of their bags including wallets have zippers at the top

What’s the big deal? Why do I care so much about zippers??! They feel more safe than a bag with a button to hold it together. It makes me comfortable knowing that my things aren’t going to fall out and that no one can put their hand into my bag. Once again, perfect for traveling!

This is the one my mom uses. She uses it for work to carry her stacks of papers and lunch. She also uses it to travel with as her purse because it fits everything she wants along with her Ipad

I definitely will buy myself the 3 in 1 backpack when I can. For now I have to stick with what I have. Kipling bags are a bit on the pricey side so some options are going to their outlet store and looking at Macy’s for a sale they might be having.

Do you have a Kipling Bag? What do you think about it?

Thanks for reading and all any support I get! 💕 I hope you enjoyed!

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2 thoughts on “Kip Kip Hooray!

  1. OMG I love Kipling bags.. they’re so simple and casual!! I have a peach-colored Kipling shoulder bag that my mom bought for me 4 years ago and I still use it for trips. Not to mention that I love playing with the zipper xD. I plan to buy a Kipling backpack though 😊❤️

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