Come on down to Los Angeles!

I want to step away from beauty and fashion products today to write about what I love to do on my weekends. That is spending time with my mom. I hope I give anyone visiting Los Angeles an idea of where to go shopping at or somewhere to relax for a day 😄

Come along and spend a day out with me!😄 I haven’t been away from my house for ages and it’s about time I go out and adventure with you! Well, the imaginary you! Soooo let’s get started!

Before we head out, here’s the outfit I’ll be wearing today

Zara Dress

I’m wearing My Zara dress with my favorite pair of shoes! I’ve been feeling guilty about letting most of my clothes collect dust in my closet, so I decided to start wearing my clothes I haven’t worn in a lloooonngggg time.

And we’re off !

We’re heading to the Glendale Galleria Mall. Glendale Galleria is HUMUNGOUS! There are 196 stores living inside this massive beast. Inside the mall, resides Riley Rose which is where I’m going.

I’ve been dying to see Riley Rose’s Hello Kitty and friend’s collection!

well.. there wasn’t much of Hello Kitty items

Riley Rose is so cute!!! I didn’t take a picture of the whole store to show you guys!

One crosswalk away, is the outdoor mall called The Americana at Brand.

The Americana at Brand is a lovely place to get some walking done. You should see it decorated for Christmas! It’s so pretty!

I’m going inside of Forever 21! All I want to do is bury myself in all heart shaped things, so I’m going to check out what they have out for Galentine’s Day.

There wasn’t much of Valentine’s items. I was hoping to find heart shaped earrings but no luck. I guess I’ll have to order what I want online.

To help me feel better about not finding heart shaped earrings, I’m going to eat!

We decided to have some ramen at Sapporo for lunch.

Avoid the Takoyaki. It was too mushy!

Sapporo is an 8 minute walk from the mall. Walking to this ramen restaurant, is a great way to find what else is in the area. It’s also far from all the bustling at the mall, so it’ll be a nice break away from the overwhelming amounts of people!

On your way there AND afterwards make sure to stop by Porto’s Bakery!

Nnnnoooooo!!! I really wanted to go to Porto’s but something happened that I don’t know about! To be safe, we decided to head home. Porto’s is right across from Sapporo. It’s always crowded but it’s sooo worth it to wait in line to buy some desserts. I’m drooling just thinking about it all 🤤 you MUST buy a guava strudel! Buy 10 dozen of them if you can. They’re only 91 Cents so why not try one?!

Have you been to Porto’s? What do you think about it?

Well, it’s 8:36 PM now and I’m finally home. Even though I drove in traffic for 2 hours and didn’t find anything good enough to buy, I had a great day with my mom and getting some fresh air. Thanks for stopping by my little world. See you in my next post!


7 thoughts on “Come on down to Los Angeles!

  1. Ur dress looks really cute!. As, LA seems such a beautiful place with so mucch to do and so many good vibes. Loved this post and definitely would refer it again when i visit LA.😊.

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