We’re all in this Together

What makeup product will be the chosen one for a review?! **drum roll please**

The Line and Load All In One Lippie!

NYX Lipstick

This matte lipstick from NYX is only 8$ I have it in the color, “Feel In Fine.”

I’ve worn plenty of Liquid lipsticks before and none have ever stayed on me like this one does. I drink water, eat, and wipe my lips with napkins. At the end of each day, I’ll still have some color left! Leaving me with a lip stain look which doesn’t bother me because I love love LOVE how lip stains give me a natural tint to my lips! Let me know if you have any lip stain suggestions!

You can use it to line your lips

With a pencil, you use the point of the pencil to write. (Of course you would know 🤣) Well, the brush is made so you can outline your lips and hold the handle as if you’re writing with a pencil. You can use the point of the lip brush to help you outline your lips.

By turning it to its side, you can fill your lips in

Am I the only one who is terrible at applying lipstick?

AHA! another lovable aspect! With this duo feature, it makes it the perfect lipstick to carry with you and to put on when you’re in a hurry. You don’t need to outline your lips with a lip pencil before applying your lipstick because this one is two in one! It cuts down the hassle of trying to find the perfect lip liner pencil to match your lipstick. It’s also a great product to begin your lipstick journey with if you’re a beginner. On top of all this, it’s small enough to fit into every bag!!

This liquid lipstick dries instantly! Like most other matte liquid lipsticks, my lips feel dry whenever I wear this lipstick. All I do is add a clear lipgloss on top or before.

In addition, the formula is so creamy! The perfect amount of the products hangs onto the brush as I pull it out from its container. It prevents you from putting on too much product onto your lips.

Sadly, I don’t like the colors these lipsticks come in. There aren’t any beautiful pink tones! All they have are ranges of browns, red, plum, hot pink, and the color I have. There are a total of 8 shades to choose from. I wish I could show a picture but I don’t want to get into trouble for using a snapshot taken from the website. Here’s the link again to check out the shades. Link to Lipsticks

I don’t even like the red color and I usually love my reds! I Guess the color I have will be the one I stick with until they come out with some more. IF THEY DO!

Is there any makeup you’d like to see me review? Let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Leave a comment! I love reading what you have to say. I’m going to start posting on either Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s and Friday’s or Saturday’s!

*** Just to let you know, I like making sure I enjoy my posts before showing it to you and sometimes it takes me a while to figure out a topic I’m passionate to write about ***

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