Pink, PInk, PINK!

Oh how big my love for the color pink has been! Today, I’m going to show you my favorite Products ranging in shades of pink!

Each makeup product has been used for about 1 year so they do look a bit worn out since I love them so much. It’s not how they look that counts it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

Let’s start off with the PUR Visionary eyeshadow palette

PUR Eyeshadow Palette

I know, I know! This palette isn’t completely pink but it has some of the most beautiful pinks like Dreamer(1), Icon(2), Rebel(3), CEO(4), and Idealist(5)

This palette is a MUST HAVE in your eyeshadow palette collection. Each of the eyeshadow’s pigments appear with no hassle and leave behind a beautiful deep pink (or whichever color you decide to use) tone. You can create an intense eyeshadow look for your crazy nights out, but I mostly use them for a subtle everyday eye look since the colors are delicate and eye catching like rose petals. For those of you who are into having a subtle look, definitely give this palette a try.

I’d be soooo happy if PUR came out with a palette similar to the Take me to Brazil palette. If you could melt silk, this is how it would feel. The eyeshadows feel so creamy and silky smooth!

The next pink item for today is my highlighter from MAC called Extra Dimension Skinfish

MAC Highlighter

If you don’t have this highlighter either, you are missing out on pink wonderland glory! I realized that this highlighter pops out more on a naked face if you add a blush underneath so I started to wear my Ulta blush underneath and the highlighter on top. I couldn’t get a better picture with the highlighter on. Sorry!

It was like love at first sight when I saw this highlighter at the MAC counter.It’s gold mixed with pink so it’ll complement our skin tones nicely! It’s a great way to add some color to your face without it being over the top and you get the perfect amount of pigment out of this with just one finger swipe, BUT it’s a highlighter so I say go crazy with it and drench your face in highlighter!!

It reminds me a lot like the texture of the eyeshadows in my PUR palette except it’s more on the creamy side. I haven’t paid attention to how long it lasts on me so I can’t say if it stays on.

Next up is the Lip Sculpture in the color Renegade by Tarte

Tarte lipstick

My absolute favorite part about this lip duo is how moisturizing and creamy it feels when I glide both sides onto my lips. The color you see is the color you’re going to get. Renegade (the color I have), is a very light and beautiful color.

The lip gloss part of it leaves you with a light pink/red rose like tint on your lips.

The same goes for the lipstick part

Except it’s more bold than the lip gloss of course.

It doesn’t stay on. It will rub off onto the cup or food you’re drinking and eating from so you will want to apply more afterwards. Even so, it’s still worth buying for those days you want to step out of the house real quick to the grocery store, for an interview, or shopping at the mall!

Aaannddd last of all!!! The liquid Lipstick from MAC in Metallic Rose!

MAC Lipstick

The metallic in the lipstick is such a nice touch!

Unlike most matte liquid lipsticks, this one doesn’t leave my lips feeling desperate for hydration! A lot of the product hangs onto the brush when you pull it out so you’ll have plenty of product to put onto your lips. Also, it’s one of my best liquid lipsticks that stay on the longest. Definitely a great way to bring your makeup look together and to give a simple look some flare.

Well, that’s pretty much all what I have to say.

If you have any questions about any products mentioned let me know!

Thanks for stopping by! Leave a like if you enjoyed or leave a comment! I love seeing what you have to say!

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