Jumping in PURe Joy

Oh how relaxing taking a shower after a long day can be! Does anyone else love to use body soap to create bubbles with your loofah as you scrub your body? Speaking of showers and loofahs the Joy Stick Exfoliating Deep Cleanser is just as cleansing and relaxing as taking a shower or bath is.

PUR Exfoliator

It iiiisssssss on the pricey side. You can get it for $26.00 the formula of the product is definitely (count how many times I say definitely) worth the price but how much you get of it makes it an iffy purchase. It works like a bar of soap. As you use it, the bar soap becomes smaller (of course you know lol) and so does this exfoliater stick. Even if you use it the two days out of the week it recommends you use it for, the product will probably last you 2 or 3 months at the most which will lead you to spending another $26.00! When I use it, a pretty good chunk of it disappears. Ultimately, it depends on you.For me, if I had a job, I would go ahead and keep buying it. HEY! Better than having to buy one at the end of each month I guess!

This product is a cleanser, exfoliator, and toner. It uses charcoal and Moroccan Lava Clay. It’s for any skin type but it’s specifically for “congested acne prone skin.” Also, it’s supposed to leave your skin moisturized, smoother, and brighter as it sucks out all the dirt and oil out of your pores. All of this is found under Highlights under the product on the PUR Cosmetics website.

My skin is on the dry side and I don’t get much pimples so I’m unsure how it works on someone who struggles with acne. other than that, I find this product to be true to what it advertises.

I might be crazy but my skin looks way cleaner and fresh after I use this product. It even looks brighter! As I massage it around my face, it feels moisturizing. It’s as if I applied a layer of lotion onto my face BUT I definitely do still have to put on my face creme because my skin does end up feeling a bit dry after a few minutes. It’s a perfect way to clean your face at the end of the week, after a day of sweating at the gym, and perfect for traveling! You’ll feel like you just got a facial! You can even leave it on for 3 minutes as a face mask.

OH MY GOSH! I love how soothing it feels when I apply it! It feels like one of those body scrubs that feels like sand from the beach but for your face! It must be the charcoal and Moroccan Lava clay! The aromatherapy type of scent that releases definitely adds to the calming and relaxing effect of this product. It sure does relaxes me before heading back into my bed to watch more shows.

Aaaahhh! You have to try this product! I may have left out some things you would like to know. Let me know! I’d looove to give you my opinion!

If you’ve tried it before, I’d love to know what you think of it.

I hope you can tell that I love interacting with you! Want to tell me your skin story? Go ahead! I’m listening! You can also go the easy way of just leaving a like if you enjoyed 😄 Thanks for reading! I hope to see you in a next post! Bbbyyyeeee! Ah! So many exclamation points! I’m just so happy when I write blog posts.

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