Traveling in style with Patricia Nash

Purses, all I really want are purses! If purses are on your mind then you’ve come to the right place! Heard of Patricia Nash? Well, she has some of the cutest vintage and travel inspired bags ranging in oodles of styles.

What stands Patricia Nash out from other brands are the shapes of each bag, her patterns, and the attention to detail in every bag. I read that Patricia Nash loves to travel so each bag is inspired by different places she visits and the memories she creates. I admire this so much because my artworks are inspired by my memories and the new experiences I gain everyday. Alright! Let’s dive right in!

Purse 1: Hawaii here I Come!

I’m so sad!!! I couldn’t find the link for it!

This purse resembles a suitcase except an adorable tiny version of one. It feels lightweight and it’s cushiony! Even though it doesn’t seem like it, it’s pretty roomy on the inside of it. You don’t even have to carry a wallet if you don’t want to because it has slots for your cards, a zipper in the middle to put maybe your money into it or phone.

What a perfect purse to carry with you exploring Europe or the islands of Hawaii! It’s also bordered with a plank of something (Wow great description) that way it keeps the shape unlike other purses where they don’t have anything supporting their shape and end up wearing down over time.

Purse 2: More than a simple shape

Oh, a regular rectangular purse. NOPE! Even her simple shape of bags have cute little details.

Sorry, I couldn’t find the exact purse but I found a similar one with a cute braiding detail added. Link to Purse

The little buckle resembles a vintage styled lock. It also has her name and symbol embedded on it. There’s rope lacing used as the border for the top flap. Finally, the stunning pattern! Very similar to the first except with red being the dominant color. It’s a lot like a wallet but in purse form so it’s perfect if you just plan on carrying your chapstick and all your cards and money. In addition, there’s a key to go with your old fashioned lock. How cute is that?!

There’s an accordion style at the bottom of the bag!

Purse 3: The other half of me

Link to Rectangular Black Purse

Alright this one is similar to the last one I just showed you and I have the same thoughts about it. The only difference is that there is no braiding detail and the color is black.

Ooooo! Moving on to a rounded purse!

Purse 4: Not so Plain

Black Rounded Purse

This purse is definitely the most roomiest. You can fit a kitten! There are side pockets to hold your small necessities and room for your wallet, cell phone, and teacup sized pet. This one might be very simple by the color but the style of it really helps to make it unique.

Some common aspects of all the purses are the faux suede linings, the quality of each one, and the smoothness and flexibility of each purse. Heck, they better be good quality for the price you’re paying! I absolutely love the faux suede lining it adds a nice protective layer to the purse. What I meant about flexibility is that Patricia Nash purses aren’t bulky and aren’t made of a thick leather. The leather is very light, smooth, and stretchy. I can feel the difference between my mom’s bulky leather purse that is uncomfortable to carry around and Patricia Nash’s bags.

If you find yourself really liking Patricia Nash’s purses but are way too pricey, you can find them marked down half the price at Marshall’s. You can find some pretty cute ones on sale hidden within the racks and I haven’t found any with deformities. As well as Macy’s in the sales section. That’s where I found the first purse I showed you. My mom decided to go back and buy it after a month! We were surprised that it was still in the sale section and took it as a sign that it was meant for us to buy.

Here are some purses that are a perfect example of the hand carving done on the leather bags. I’ll add the links for the bags I find online in case you’d like to look at them more into detail!

Blue Bag

Original price: $199.00

Marshall’s Price: $89.99

Link to Purse

Original Price: $169.99

Marshall’s Price: $79.99

Small Brown Crossbody

Original Price: $99.00

Marshall’s Price: $49.99

I LOVE this backpack! It feels so smmmoooottthhhh

Golden backpack bag

Original Price: $269.00

Marshall’s Price: $109.99

Link to Purse

Original Price: $199.00

Marshall’s Price: 129.99

Sorry if there was no link to a bag you wanted to look at. There are similar ones that you can find at Macy’s, the Patrica Nash website, and HSN.

Well! I had a lot of fun showing you some of Patricia Nash’s purses. What did you think about them? I really hope you enjoyed as well! I’m so bad with my conclusions. Whoops! See what I’m up to on Instagram


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