Jubilant for Julep

Rosehip oil existed throughout the ages of Ancient Egyptians, early Native Americans, and World War 2. During those times, it was used as medication purposes such as keeping infections away, helped to relieve diarrhea, relieve pain from menstrual cramps, and helped with indigestion. Rosehip oil became an ancient hero revived for us to honor today as a skin savior! Today, we’re going to explore the Boost your Radiance Reparative Rosehip Seed Facial Oil by Julep.

*** The information I found on rosehip oil can be found throughout these two articles:

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Link to Ulta for the face oil

I sadly only have the sample size! I use three drops of the oil to apply to my bare skin and that leaves me with a pretty good thin layer of the product. Its so cute! It has a little pump applicator!

Under the description for this oil, it says it’s good for all skin types. Hmmmm, is it? Let’s see!

I have dry CONCRETE like skin and this dry, windy, and freezing weather doesn’t help at all! Once I applied this oil, I immediately felt the impact of it. I even woke up feeling like I didn’t need to add any face creme onto my face to combat the dryness I usually wake up with. Once I washed the oil off (after coming back from the gym the next day) my face went back to feeling dry and cracky. I absolutely LOVE using this product the two nights I used it. It left my face looking glossy and hydrated! It would definitely help my skin be less dry and become more healthy if I used this product longer.

My mom has oily skin and she has a positive experience with the product. She applies it at night after cleansing her face and before putting on her primer and foundation in the morning. She also cleanses her face in the morning before starting her routine. Her skin does feel oily with the product but the rosehip oil is light enough where it’s not bothersome. It leaves her skin feeling hydrated, looking healthy, and soft. BUT the weather may affect her skins reaction to it for now.

I’m not a huge fan of skin products that leave me feeling as if I’m wearing layers of it. Especially if it’s oily, I don’t want to feel greasy! This isn’t the case for this product at all! It’s lightweight (how many times have you read lightweight in other reviews huh?) and a great addition to add before applying your your makeup.

Its oily goodness comes from the “Rosa canina rose bush” and the product is squeezed out of the fruit and seed of the rose plant. Which leads me to the scent! It reminds me of walking into a flower shop and breathing in the lovely smell of bouquets of flowers. It makes me want to go out and buy some flowers for my house!

All in all, I recommend the Rosehip Seed Facial Oil by Julep to every type of skin. Especially for us dry skin folks. It’s a great product to use to help revive our poor dried out skin and can be beneficial to each one of us in its own way. Of course, it will work on each of us differently and you might have a bad reaction to it. That’s possible for any new product you give a try though.

Aaahh the end! I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts! See you later! Byyyeeee!

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