A Skin Savior!

Calling all acne victims! I have found the serum that will destroy any villainous critters known as pimples who try to take over our faces! Vanish them with the Acne Spot Treatment with maximum strength from Up and Up.

Link to Target for the Acne Spot Treatment

This acne treatment costs $4.19! What a great price huh? By the way, Up and Up is Target’s brand. It is the cheaper version of the On-the-Spot Acne Treatment from Neutrogena.

Before we start, here is what the box says on the back about the ingredients, directions, and uses.

*** I don’t recommend this if you have sensitive skin! I can see it causing you to have a terrible reaction to it!***

The Target description says that the skin type this treatment is recommended for is oily skin, BUT my dry skin handled it very well! I used this product by ONLY rubbing it on the areas I had problems with. At night, I applied the acne treatment after I washed my face. I applied my night moisturizer around the area of the acne treatment because I wanted to make sure that no other product would affect my results. I also applied it in the morning after waking up. Of course I’m lazy and didn’t clean my face before applying it in the morning as the instructions say to do. whoopsy! In the end, I used the product twice a day! Except for the first two days because I wanted to test it out before applying more of it. Here are my results after wearing it one whole week.

Day one

The area is red because I wiped off all my hair dye I accidentally got on my face.

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

Day Seven

Ahhh! There’s such a huge difference! Do you see it?! One problem I immediately noticed about this product is dryness! You can probably tell in some of the pictures. Excessive dryness is one thing to watch out for when using this product so start off by using it once a day as I did on the first two days. Then you can move up to two times a day! I did apply sunscreen before heading outside as the directions say because your skin will be experiencing enough of a powerful source

One of the problems that may occur while using this product is redness, burning, and itching. I did experience that with a small pimple on my cheek.

So I’m hoping that will heal soon.

I’m so happy! Now I can focus on getting rid of my acne marks and getting rid of the dryness leftover from the treatment. I’ll be using my sheseido moisturizer to see if that helps with my scars. I definitely know it’ll help to bring back some moisture! Want to read about my sheseido moisturizer? Click here to check out what I have to say about that!

As always, I had so much fun writing this blog post! Thank you for stopping by! Let me know if you try this product or have tried this product and your experience! See you later! Bbbbyyyyeee!

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