A Farewell to Charlotte

Spring, SPRing, SPRING! Yes, I’m early and the weather is still freezing but I bought some of the most adorable dresses at Charlotte Russe yesterday that deserve to be shown off! I admit I never bothered to actually walk into this store until yesterday to see if there were some dresses for me to wear to a wedding. Also, Charlotte Russe is going out of business!Which means no more Charlotte Russe! You know what that leads to?! A SALE! The sale wasn’t great for a store going out of business, but I found some of the cutest dresses to cherish for as long as I can. I’ll have some vintage pieces of my own!

*** I can’t add links to any of the dresses because their online store is closed as well but you can definitely get some dress inspiration for when you go shopping***

Sssooo let’s get started!

Dress 1: Unstained for Now

I’m so in love with this dress! It reminds me of a dress a Barbie doll would wear. Let’s get a closer look.

Isn’t she gorgeous?! The detailing is my favorite part of the dress of course. From the ruffle straps to the tied lacing at the front. There’s a lining beneath it so my skin doesn’t show through those little circles it has. The lining underneath was a perfect addition because it prevents the dress from being transparent. You can’t forget the small flare wrapping around the bottom of the dress! Absolutely perfect to wear to an afternoon tea party, going wine tasting, or going on a date with a super cute boy!

Dress 2: A little bit of the 1950’s

Ooohhhh man! This dress caught my attention right when I walked into the store! Luckily, it ended up coming home with me. The puffy sleeves are such an adorable touch and the little collar added on the chest area. I’m SO IN LOVE! I know I know my bralette is showing.

One thing I noticed about this dress and the others I bought is that if you’re someone like me who doesn’t like to accessorize, dresses with patterns and pretty little detailing don’t really need anything added to make you stand out!

Dress 3: A Walk Downtown

This one doesn’t show it’s true beauty in the photos. It’s wwwwaayyy cuter in person! What caught my attention on this dress is the casual style of it. I wanted something to just throw on when I go to the market, shopping with my mom, or to meet a friend for tea, and I found this one to be perfect for that.

Dress 4: Flower Picking

A satin robe you can wear out! Okay, it’s not actually a robe. It’s just a dress that looks and feels like one.

Another aspect I noticed about all of my dresses is that they pair perfectly with my brown and black sandals. Brown and black sandals are perfect to have in your closet since they’re so versatile and can go with almost everything and anything!

Dress 5: A Night at the Beach

If you didn’t notice, this is an imposter! It’s not a dress! It’s a romper! I couldn’t leave it out! It’s just as adorable as the other items I bought. Just like my previous dress I showed, I have to iron this one too!

Dress 6: At my Leisure

I’m so happy with every dress I got! Every single one is unique, girly, and doll like! I hope you find some similar ones when you go out shopping that way we can look fabulous together.

Farewell Charlotte Russe! You had a good long 44 years. My mom would tell me she used to shop there in the 80’s every time we would pass by the store. Now, it’ll be a memory for both of us and for you if you have shopped there before.

Oh the many changes life brings huh? I wonder what tomorrow will bring us. Thanks for reading! See you later! Bbbyyyeeee!

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6 thoughts on “A Farewell to Charlotte

  1. U look so gorgeous & cute in those photos,just like a real model. My fav amoung all was the night in the beach and flower picking. I would love to see more of ur spring spree shoppin adventures.😍. U look so cute.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve actually never heard of Charlotte’s but they have some lovely dresses! My favourite here is the first white dress, it’s very cute and I adore the detailing.

    Liked by 1 person

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