My Blue Jeans and Me

After walking into stores after stores trying on a billion pairs of bootcut and flared jeans, I found the perfect match for me! It’s been 2 years since I bought them and they’re still as perfect as they were when I first saw them. I’m talking about my barely bootcut jeans from Express!!!

I’m 5’3″ so bootcut jeans and flared pants that fit me perfectly are difficult for me to find. I don’t want to spend money on jeans and then have to wait to wear them because I have to pay to get them tailored. If you’re like me, then I’m here to help you narrow down your search!

These jeans are called barley bootcut and they’re low rise. I can’t find the exact color I have so I’ll link you to the same style of jeans just different washes. They also sell mid rise and high waisted pairs.

Links to my style of Jean

The sizes Express sells are sizes 00 through 18 and you can get them in the lengths: Regular, short, and long.

The closest wash I could find to the ones I have: Blue Jeans from Express

A white pair: Express Jeans White

A black Pair: Express Jeans Black


I’m wearing size 2 Short, I weigh 110 pounds, and my hip size is 34 inches.

The only negative part about these jeans is that I have to wear shoes with a heel and platform with about 2 or 3 inches so my jeans won’t drag on the floor. I don’t mind this because they make me feel taller than flat shoes make me feel. I don’t need to look and feel any shorter!

Sadly, I think I grew since I first bought them because they don’t fit as loose as they did before from the waist. Right now, they’re fitting me almost too perfect. If I were to buy another of the same pair then I would size one up.

Finally! The best part….styling the jeans!


Top: Sweater from Buckle

Boots with buckle added:Boots from Buckle

Of course, these jeans will keep you warm during those freezing days out! I started to gravitate towards boot cut and flared jeans because I got so bored of skinny jeans! I love that they both flare out at the bottom and feel less restricting than skinny jeans. Plus (to me) they’re more fashionable than a pair of skinny jeans.


Don’t you just love having versatile items?! You can dress these jeans down with a t-shirt, dress them up for work, and wear them out to a girls night out during winter! Here I paired it with my blazer I thrifted and decided to go with a solid mock neck top from Forever21.


Sssspppprrriinngg! My style is so simple lol but I love wearing over the shoulder tops because they give dull bottoms a little sparkle that makes your simple pair of jeans even cuter!


A simple tank top from the sale section at Buckle. Once again, I paired them with a top that has some flare to it to contrast from the simple jeans I’m wearing.

Oh no the end! We have to say goodbye now. Don’t worry we’ll talk again soon! I really hope I helped you find some jeans to try on and hopefully love as much as I love mine! Did you enjoy this post? Let me know in the comments! 😄 or leave a like!

See ya later! Bbbyyyeeee!!

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