Get the Natural Look

As I walked through the aisle of Too Faced, a gem shined towards me. I thought, “What could that be?!” Before I knew it, gleaming at me was the Natrual Face palette from Too Faced! Oh Too Faced, you’ve done it again with packaging so beautiful that it’s blinding. Now you too will hopefully hold this beautiful gem in your arms to take home with you.


The cover of this palette is shielded with a sheet of fancy plastic that looks like glass. It’s interesting because the plastic is curved where “Natural Face” is imprinted. This way the title pops out at you and “Too Faced” is placed above “Natural Face” as it curves down so it doesn’t take the attention away from the main attraction. You might be able to tell in the next photo.

Can you tell? Isn’t the heart such a cute touch?!

Link to Too Faced Palette

Don’t worry, it’s not as expensive as a diamond! Priced at $44.00, this palette comes with 2 shimmering and BLINDING highlighters and 1 matte and 1 satin blush. Along with 1 satin and 1 shimmering bronzer.

Alright the blushes!

Each color has its own little floral design Stamped onto them to match the lacing detail on the cover of this palette. So adorable!

The shimmer blush is Pink Wink and the satin blush is Pink Sand. Pink wink is the pink peachy one on the left of my arm and Pink Sand is on the right.

I don’t really know what a satin blush means but I’m guessing it’s just a matte shade with a small hint of shimmer because that’s what it appears to be. It’s perfect to layer your shimmering blush on top!

Moving on to the highlighter. Ooohhhh yyyeeeaahh!

Starlight is the pinky tone on the left of my arm and Satin Sheets is the golden one!

I noticed that the highlighters focus more on brightening your face rather than giving a dramatic effect.

Last of all, the bronzers!

The satin bronzer is Sunny Honey on the left of my arm and Tropic Like It’s Hot (the shimmering bronzer) is on the right.

As the back of the box says, this palette focuses on your natural beauty. The blush colors are the perfect color to accent every skin tone and the beautiful features each one of us have. While the highlighters will make our skin appear more radiant and the bronzers as well. At the end of the day, all of us will be walking sunshine!

The only makeup I wear is eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, and highlighter. As you can probably tell, I’m really into the natural makeup look! What I love about this palette is that the colors aren’t over the top. They’re natural enough where I’d use it to give myself a natural glow.

The palette comes with a little guide to help you create some looks. Which is perfect for those who are terrible at makeup like me! You have an option between super natural sculpt, such a natural, and natural beauty to help you out. Here’s what I went with! (Super Natrual Sculpt) only using highlighter and both blushes.

Immediately when applying the highlighter and the blush with my brush, SO MUCH pigment showed up on my face. Being easily applicable is another plus about this palette BUT be careful! A bunch of pigment will come out! It stayed on me all day as well! It also lasted all day for my mom with oily skin. Usually most make up wipes off by the end of the day if she doesn’t touch it up.

Here’s me with the bronzer

HAHA! I put so much bronzer on my nose! Told ya I’m awful at makeup.

For $44.00 you’re getting an awesome deal. It’s not often that you find a palette that has beautiful colors, blush, highlighter, bronzer, 5 billion out of 5 billion star quality, and gorgeous packaging.

My mom and I were so close to getting the Cheerleader’s Cheek Palette from Benefit. Although, it had the same quality, it was $22.00 more and it lacked an awe inspiring packaging that Natural Face from Too Faced possesses. I also based my opinion on which palette to purchase on my mom’s experience with her foundation and face powder from Too Faced. Since she loved those so much, I figured this palette could be a good choice to go with and we ended up loving it! Even though I won’t be using the bronzer lol.

Oh the end! Don’t you worry! We’ll talk again next week! I can’t wait to tell you more of my silly thoughts! See ya later, Bbbyyyeeee!

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