A Teeny Tiny Post

Today I’m going to show you some of my favorite pocket sized items I own! Hopefully you’ll adore them as much as I do!

Hair accessories! Why wear those boring ol black Bobby pins?! When there’s a whole selection of cute ones with designs on them out there!

Plain Jane:

You can find these at Daiso. At Daiso you’ll find Japanese items all for $1.50! There’s a very few amount of items that will be priced at $5.00.

I’m little miss plain Jane when it comes to my hair. The only hair magic I can do is put my hair in a ponytail and make a simple braid, so these cute accessories are hair fashion saviors for my boring hair! Hey! At least I have curly hair.

My cat pins had some glue on the very tip of them to help stick onto my hair but they kept pulling on my hair so I chipped the glue off. Now they’re added to my hair accessory collection! For those of you not into these cute designs probably made for children, Daiso sells some that have flower details and sparkly ones. I sadly don’t have any to show you!

Lorelai, Scented Lip Gloss, and bees over boys:

I watched Gilmore Girls recently and after Loreli mentioned her lip gloss collection tastes like candy and fruit, she made me want to go out and buy a flavored gloss of my own! So I present to you…..

Link to Blossom lip gloss

Oh YES! This lip gloss is strawberry scented! You’ll even look amazing applying this lip gloss on while you’re on a date and waiting in line at the store!

Aren’t those little flowers so cute??? I love that the product is contained in a glass bottle. This lip gloss is supposed to be moisturizing and my lips have been way too dry! It has made my lips more smooth when I apply it.

The strawberry flavor is just as refreshing as the bottle looks. Perfect for spring and perfect to attract all those bees! I’m kidding of course! Maybe… you’ll have to see for yourself

I’ve never ordered from the blossom store or have heard of this brand so I found a link to it on Hottopic. I also saw that it’s on Amazon and Urban Outfiters. I found my lipgloss at Nordstrom Rack.

A tiny book for your thoughts:

This little notebook is from another Japanese store called Maido. Maido is filled with SUPPPEERRR adorable stationary items. One of these items are tiny notebooks like this one.

Okay, this teeny tiny notebook may look like it’s just for decorative purposes but don’t let its looks trick you! You can write tiny quick notes in it. Maybe you’ll have a thought that comes to mind that you need to write down quick! I love just looking at its cuteness. I don’t know what I’ll use it for, but for now it’ll be a nice touch to my room along with my other teeny tiny items.

Which teeny tiny items were your favorite? Leave a comment!

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The part I hate! Where we have to say goodbye for today, but I’ll talk to you again soon! Thanks for stopping by! See ya later, bbbyyee!

3 thoughts on “A Teeny Tiny Post

    1. They’re my favorite too! and Oh no!! it must be torture not having cute stores near you!!! Hopefully one day you’ll live near some! 🙏🏻🤞🏼


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