My Favorite Spring Styles

Flowers are blooming, I can put away my coats, and I can finally wear the clothes hanging in my closet calling out for me to wear. SSSSOOOO grab your picnic basket, lay down your blanket, sit back, and enjoy a nice read about my favorite styles I’ll be wearing this spring!

Hopefully you get some clothes shopping inspiration or discover a new store to shop at!

I present to you Kari (me) in

Lost in a Flower Patch:

You can find some of the cutest dresses for spring at a boutique called Francesca’s. This is one of their dresses I found in their clearance section.

Link to similar dress from Francesca’s

One of my absolute favorite styles I’ll be wearing this spring are dresses and tops with a high neck collar. Spring is the perfect time to wear them because they’re way too uncomfortable to wear during those deadly hot summer days California has. The cutout at my chest is such a cute addition. Without it, it wouldn’t be as stylish as it is and would look more like a bag sitting on me. The back of this dress also has a cutout at the back

Kari in Oversized HOODie

Link to similar Buckle sweater

Oh my gosh!!! If you don’t have an item similar to this yet, then your closet isn’t complete! I love throwing this knitted hoodie with an oversized hood over my bikini and pairing it with a pair of shorts as I ride a bike down the sidewalk in Santa Barbara.

I love that the sleeves have a fishnet knitted style. Because of the holes on the sleeves, the knitted material doesn’t make me feel so warm where I have to keep taking my hoodie off or too cold to have to layer something else on top. When I’m not at the beach, I wear a bralette beneath it with some cute detailing since the neckline of the hoodie hangs low.

This is that perfect sweater and material of clothing to have in your closet during those confusing weather days.

This hoodie is from Buckle. Buckle is a must stop when you go out shopping. Don’t let the appearance of the store scare you away because Buckle has a variety of unique styles that will spice up your outfits. Give it a chance!

Kari in The Pattern of Spring

Link to Tilly’s Pattern Pants

I have always wanted a pair of patterned pants. I could never find the right pattern for me until now! I’m going to be so excited showing these cuties off this spring. I’ve already have twice!

Patterned pants can be intimidating to wear but just keep looking around for that perfect pattern that suits you nicely. Here are some ideas on tops you can wear with a a pair of patterned pants:

Kari in Jean skirts and a fashionable t-shirt

Link to Buckle clothing for the top

Link to similar skirt from Free People

Oh mini jean skirts, they can go with any type of weather! This one is from Free People. I got it for 22$ at Macy’s. The color is a bit gloomy for spring but I don’t care because I love the quality of it, the little buckle at the back of it, the pockets and the flower pattern within them, and the buttons going down the front to button up the skirt.

This top has a very similar style to my dress I showed before.

I’m showing it untucked so you can see how it fully looks. I really don’t like it when it’s just hanging out from my skirt because of the length and it has no shape to it, so a bit of tucking in fixes my problem! It has sleeves similar to a t-shirt. What makes it different is the cut at the front. Which is why I bought it. I love t-shirts but I don’t want to wear them out all day EVERYDAY since they do nothing for me. Plus, why would I want to keep looking frumpy when I have a bunch of cute outfits to wear that flatter my body better and make me feel good! Remember to always wear what makes you feel good and happy!

You can find similar tops like this one at Buckle!

Kari in Bell Sleeves

Does anyone else love flared sleeves as much as I do??? I don’t really know what to say about this! It’s just another style I’m going to really enjoy wearing this spring!

I found it at the clearance section of Hollister at the beginning of last year.

I really hope you enjoyed at least one of these outfits! My favorite is the high collared dress I showed! Which one is yours?

See ya later bbbyyyeeee!

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