You, me, and Korean beauty

I have an announcement to make………. I’m joining the Korean beauty club!!!!!You know what that means??!!! It means you should too! (If you aren’t in it already)

I’ve been wanting to try Korean makeup for a while now, but I don’t live anywhere near a store that supplies what I want. For now, the Korean makeup line at CVS called JOAH will do! I hope you have a CVS near you! That way you can check out this brand along with me!

At first glance, did this remind you of a CVS version of Too Faced? Anyway, The Infinite KISS Satin Liquid Lipstick was the lucky winner who got to go home with me.

I can’t help it! Cute equals I MUST HAVE IT! The cutesy packaging drew my attention to this brand. Now that I know it’s based on Korean beauty products, of course it’d be this cute! Cutesy packaging is a staple in Korean products! Without this, it would’ve been a missing piece to each of JOAH’s makeup making it just another makeup brand sold at CVS.

Alright the lipstick! Let’s talk about it!

I was barely able to get the true color of the lipstick. It is a plum color and the name of this lipstick shade is Frenchy.

I love how it feels as I apply it! It feels like an airy whipped texture. Have you had meringue? The texture of the lipstick reminds me a lot like meringue! It must be the satin part of it. While wearing it, my lips feel only a bit dry.

The plum color is beautiful! I’m not a huge fan of those crazy lip colors so I normally stick with my typical lip colors (red and pink shades) but this color is far from being vibrant. It’s more towards mellow and girly. Also, it’s far from making me look like a dead person like other purple lipsticks can do. Ooh yyyeahh! I’m going to love wearing it!

If you let it take its time to dry, it locks onto your lips. At first when it was still drying it stained my cup and some color came off, now that some layers of the color is off, it’s thin enough where it locked onto my lips. Maybe blotting your lips with a tissue would help it stay on longer as mine is now.

The applicator stick where the plastic shows does look like the plastic handle of a lollipop. I do wish that part would’ve been planned out better.

The bow on top of the applicator is the cherry on top. Okay, more like the bow on top of a Christmas present.

This lipstick works good enough for me! It’s even worthy to leave out for decoration and WHIP out while you’re standing in line to show off your cuteness.

Doesn’t it feel nice to discover a new brand to add onto our makeup collections?! This is a new beginning in my little makeup world and I hope it is for you too!

JOAH beauty pieces are a fun addition to mine and your makeup collection. I’d love to hear what you have to say about JOAH soo leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Sigh, another day talking to you is over. Hmmm, I wonder what else I’ll discover and talk to you about next time? See you later!

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