Girl with no job: Quitting

After 2 years of feeling desperate to have my first job, I finally got my first job at a frozen yogurt shop! OH BOY! It was a NIGHTMARE! I’m only exaggerating… a little. It was a nightmare I was sure I didn’t want to live through ever again, so I texted the manager the next morning after my first night of training to let him know that I’m OUT (I quit)! Here’s how it went: Happy little me in my cute over sized uniform started off behind the cash register alongside the manager. Once it hit 10:00 PM, things started to shift from rainbows and lollipops to stormy clouds and chewed gum stuck in hair. The manager did most of the work because I was just a road block preventing him from getting home at a decent time.

I hated that some night shifts I would have to do what he did! Wash the 100 and something dishes, mop the floor, clean the counters, wipe off the yogurt machines, and stack the chairs all on my own late at night when ghosts and burglars are out lurking to steal some frozen yogurt. WORST OF ALL, I would have to take apart a frozen yogurt machine to clean. Imagine if I would’ve taken out something I wasn’t supposed to! No wonder why he didn’t want me to get in the way! I probably would’ve gotten home around 2 in the morning if it wasn’t for him! All I wanted to do was work behind the cash register.

One of the only things I did do by myself that night is, drop a bucket of water that probably could’ve broken my back. I couldn’t lift it so my dumb idea was to use the ledge to tip it over. It resulted with me spilling the bucket of water all over the floor almost reaching the chords of the frozen yogurt machines. Of course I annoyed the manager. I couldn’t blame him though! It was 1 in the morning after all. If you’re afraid of making mistakes at work or are crying over an embarrassing moment, just think of my story and remember whatever could happen or happend isn’t/wasn’t worse than me dropping a bucket of water.

My thoughts behind quitting

Whew! I was terrified to send the I’m quitting text especially after only the first day! Before I did quit I asked myself, “Is being unhappy every time I work or even being unhappy over thoughts of going to work worth going through for the money? It would take a huge toll on me.” No it wasn’t worth it. I live with my mom who gives me the opportunity to focus on school and my blog. She supports me by paying for my car, keeps me alive with food and shelter. She buys clothes for me so I can be poor yet cute and she takes me on trips! Right now is my chance to quit whatever job I hate. I am able to avoid working in jobs I hate and doing things I don’t like. I don’t want to waste what I have right now because one day,even though I’m going to work hard not to, I’ll have to go through jobs I hate to pay for my bills, living expenses, all while supporting the expensive hobbies of mine! I’ll even have a cat and dog to look after! I’m so thankful and fortunate to have the life I have because of my mom.

Sssooo as bad as it might sound, I’m a 21 year old girl with no job living off of my mom (who I love very much) and whatever money I make from selling on eBay and occasionally from painting dogs and helping a teacher out, or from my grandpa who gives me money sometimes. Is it so bad if I’m happy though? I’ll figure myself out and I’m working on figuring out who I want to be. Jobs will always be out there anyway.

What I’m doing now and my hopes for the future

Don’t worry, I’m working towards my future! Currently I’m moving towards working in the area of graphic design. You’ll figure out soon that I change my future plans often. In the end, I just want to have a job where I’ll have the flexibility to travel with my mom and make enough money to buy everything I want and buy whatever my mom wants. I’m currently attending community college and hoping to FINALLY transfer to university! If you’d like to hear about my schooling and need advice let me know! I’d love to blog for a living as well! Who knows where life will take me.

I haven’t gone back to enjoy my favorite frozen yogurt since I’ve quit. I’m going to have to deal with facing the manager and owner this summer because I won’t be able to survive without the frozen deliciousness and it’ll be hard to keep away because it’s across from where I go to the gym!!! I even hide my face if I’m just walking by. Ah, I’ll probably give Hollister a try. Let’s see how that goes! At least I have a love for clothes and shoes.

Thank you so much for reading my posts! I love talking to you; I hope to see you next week when we meet again. Bbbyyyeeee!

8 thoughts on “Girl with no job: Quitting

    1. Yeah, I just couldn’t see myself working in that job until the right time to quit came up. I know jobs aren’t always glamorous but I’d rather work somewhere I feel okay with. At least that’s how I feel for now 😄


  1. Well, at least you tried! That sounds so scary. I would never want to work in a food place because of those reasons. Im actually job hunting for the first time in my life and I’m 23!
    Luckily I do have job experience tho heheh
    I also have a ton of help from my mommy lol I don’t regret working late though, if I didn’t then I wouldn’t have my website!!

    My first official job was at my college so maybe check out the graphic design teachers and see if they can put in a good word for you hehe
    Good luck with your site and making it your full time job! I’m trying to do the same pretty much heeh ❤

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    1. Haha! It traumatized me from working in food 😭 I’m definitely staying away! I’m so glad to know I’m not alone 😭 I was nervous telling people about how my life is because I felt embarrassed about it. There wasn’t really a reason to be because people grow at different paces and that’s okay. I’m glad you have your site! I really do enjoy reading what you post 😄 That’s a good idea about asking the teacher I’ll keep that in mind 😏👌🏻 Thank you! Good luck with your job hunting and your website! 💖


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