The Best Comfortable Pairs of Shoes!

CALLING ALL SHOE LOVERS! I repeat, CALLING ALL SHOE LOVERS! We shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for beauty. We deserve the best of both worlds! With that said, I’m here to shoe (he he) you some shoes that will keep your feet happy while still looking fabulous.

Each pair of shoes are a few years old so I won’t be able to link some of them but the brands are worth checking out!  If you’re going travelling soon, then I caught you at perfect timing!

Let’s start with 2 of my favorite pairs of  sandals.

My Clark’s Artisan Sandals: For a comfortable dressy pair of heels

Tip: throw on an ankle bracelet to make your shoes even cuter!

Sadly, I can’t find the link to these! I’ve seen this style of shoes at a variety of stores but I’ve noticed that they feel like I’m walking on rocks. I’m lucky that I have this pair. The foot bed of them has a cushion which makes it feel like I’m walking on clouds.

I must admit I only know of Clark’s because of my mom. She has really sensitive feet and is only able to wear shoes that are comfortable. These sandals were handed down to me from my mom about 2 or 3 years ago.

I wore these walking miles and miles through the streets of London and throughout the cobbley (a word I invented) ancient floors in the Towers of London. My feet did not get tired at all!

This could be only true for me, but many of Clark’s shoes can appear unattractive especially to the younger crowd. When you have time, take your time to look through the Clark’s website and you’ll find some hidden gems to love for many years.

Here are some shoes I found under the Clark’s website heels section! I would show them but I’m afraid of getting into trouble so I’ll link the pair I found: Link to Maritsa Janna from Clark’s shoes

My Teva Sandals: For a comfortable yet fashionable pair of sandals

At TEVA, you’ll find your go to fashionable comfort shoes! I wish I could  buy every pair of my sandals from there. I especially adore their flat form sandals. You can find them with a height of 1 1/4 inches and 1 3/4 inches which is the size of mine in the picture above.

Gross! My toe nails aren’t painted! Are you just as lazy as me when it comes to keeping your nails nicely polished?

One of my favorite features is the flower detailing.  This pattern does make it hard to pair with some of my outfits. At times like those, I wish I had another pair that are plain. My other favorite details are the straps and the velcro. The straps are thin and will keep your feet cool and comfortable. They feel like a satin piece of ribbon and the velcro makes it easy and quick to throw on! You’ll see that most of their sandals are similar to my experience with these.

They’re in pretty good condition after 3 years of wearing them almost everyday! I really want to get these:

Teva: Flatform Universal Mesh Sandals

But I have to save up for them and right now I’m saving up to get my hair color changed. If you want to buy these make sure you love them as much as I would if I had them!

Alright! Let’s SHOvE my sandals away and bring out two pairs of my favorite sneakers from Blowfish

My Blowfish Sneakers: For a unique pair of sneakers

Link to white shoes: Aussie

With your pair of Blowfish sneakers, you’re ready to petal down the sidewalks of Santa Barbara on your bike! Seriously, I highly recommend you check out Blowfish for your pair of comfortable sneakers this summer. Sneakers definitely don’t come to mind when we think of summer because they’re way too warm to wear and most styles of sneakers are more for Fall. What makes Blowfish sneakers unique is that they’re the complete opposite of that! I love the distressed detailing around my pair of white shoes. I also love that there are no shoe laces! The best part of these is that they feel as light as a pillow.

These aren’t the same exact pairs, but they’re very identical: Link to Identical grey pair of shoes: Catfish

The only negative part about these grey shoes is that the little foam from inside started to pop out.

Other comfortable brands you can find comfy shoes at are: Born, Earth Origins, and  Timberland.

Did you enjoy this post as much as I did? If you did, let me know! If you didn’t, don’t be afraid to hit that invisible thumbs down button. Even better, leave a comment! Also, if you plan on checking out any of these brands I’d love to know which ones you’ll be ordering from soon!

Another coffee finished and a plate left with crumbs. Well, whatever you’re doing while reading this, I had a great time with you! I can’t wait to see you when we talk again! bbbbyyyyyeeee!

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