My Curly Hair Routine!

It took me years to find my perfect curly hair routine! I struggled with SSSSssssoOoOoo many products flattening my curls instead of embracing them. Yes! Even the products specifically for curls! I’m still in the look out for one product that moisturizes and keeps my hair curly. Luckily, I found a combination of products that leave me feeling happy with bouncy curls! With this combination, my curls stay until the day before I wash my hair. Which is every 3-4 days.

Sometimes I’ll apply both Curvaceous from Redken and Argan Magic defining curl creme along with my Garnier Fructis creation moose and sometimes I only use one or the other with my moose. Unless I’m feeling lazy, I always combine my moose with these two products. I tried them without moose one time and my curls flattened! When I only apply my moose, my curls stay but they flatten the next morning. IT’S A BATTLE WITH MY HAIR!

My hair routine starts off with my Curvaceous full swirl from Redken. I forgot to mention! I have thick hair!

Link to Full Swirl by Redken

Applying a dime size once my hair is damp, I scrunch upwards from the top to bottom as I would with moose. I don’t run my fingers straight through because I’ve done it before and it flattens my curls a bit. This creme is a 2 in 1 type of deal mixed with a creme and a serum. It’s supposed to help moisturize your hair, define your curls, and control frizz. It has the perfect amount of a perfume smell! It isn’t like walking down the perfume department in Macy’s (just imagine Patrick and Spongebob running through the perfume department) it’s more like walking into a hair salon! What a perfect product to pair up with my moose. Together they work to defining my natural curls. Hhhmmm does it keep the frizz away? Not really.

Link to Moose

My moose is the only product I mention to you today that does leave my hair feeling dehydrated, but I just can’t go without it! I find that my curls flatten out once I wake up the next morning after washing my hair if I don’t use it! I apply this moose after I apply my curvaceous creme. I scrunch 2 hand fulls all around my hair.

I don’t like how crunchy and stiff my hair feels after I apply my moose. To help with that I apply Argan Magic on top of my moose.

Link to Argan Magic

As mentioned not TOO long ago, it helps to soften the stiffness and crunchiness my moose creates. It helps to soften my hair while keeping my curls. I apply a little bit more than a dime size of this while scrunching it around my hair. This creme is lightweight as the bottle describes it. It does feel moisturizing and it does define my curls. If choosing between the two cremes I mentioned today, you should go with this one! You can find it at Marshall’s (where I did) and Amazon. PLUS, I LOVE THE SMELL!

**** My hairstylist mentioned not to use coconut oil to help with moisturizing your hair. It’s better to use argan oil. Leave the coconut oil for cooking food not your hair!*****

After I have all my products in and my hair begins to dry, my hair looks like this

Can you tell the difference between my bangs and hair? I only patted a little bit of curvaceous to my bangs because I usually straighten them out before I leave the house with some water, using a round brush, and a hair drier. The water would just wash the product away so I use the wearable styling treatment from Sebastian to remove the frizz and dryness to add shine instead.

Aannndddddd! This is the second day after washing my hair and spending the day out. I had cold rainy weather this day!

All in all, each product helps to give me my curly look I love to wear! I love my curly hair and it took me too long to start loving them. I used to straighten my hair everyday until it started to burn my ends. I even curled my hair everyday to get a different type of curly hair? Weird. Now, I wouldn’t be me without my curls. Love your hair girl!

What’s your hair texture? I’d love to know!

Bbbyyyyeeeeeee!! Can’t wait to see you again next week!

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