My Hand Sewing Machine and Me

Hang up your clothes, store your shoes back into your closet, and close up your makeup box because today we’re talking about MY HAND SEWING MACHINE!

I want you to be a part of my little world so you can get to know me better. To do that, I want to show you the little projects I get into and the everyday things I do! A great way for us to connect with each other!

 It is what it looks like! I bought a sewing machine at Wal-Mart for 20$! Okay, I bought it mostly because it was cute. Do you ever buy items because they’re drenched in cuteness?

What brought an untalented girl like me into the world of sewing? Before I explain, I HAVE NEVER DONE ANY OF THIS MY ENTIRE LIFE! I looked at the seams of my shirts and skirts I have and guessed at how they would be made if I were making them.

I volunteer at my mom’s school so my job for the past two weeks was to create skirts and tops for a Dutch dance her students will be performing. I did most of their costumes with hot glue and fabric glue because I already did all the girl’s shirts by the time I bought this sewing machine.

Anyway, one day we were in Wal-Mart buying some fabric for one of the skirts and THERE! The sewing machine sat alone on its precious throne surrounded by random items. It had to be a sign sent from the sewing gods! I must be the chosen one! For 20$?! Why not buy it! We took it home and it helped me get the collars of the shirts done and I sewed the raw edges (yes I even learned sewing talk!) of the belts to make them look more neat.

I didn’t magically understand how to use the darn machine. It took me the rest of the day after we got home from Wal-Mart to figure out how to use the sewing machine and I practiced on scraps of fabric before I started any sewing.

Here is how the tops look

The sides of the shirts and ruffles were glued together using fabric glue (I don’t recommend fabric glue because it was frustrating to work with and took too long). For the collar I folded it twice guessing the thickness I wanted and sewed around the edge of the collar

For the skirts, I folded the top edge down 1 or 2 inches so I can create my own seam to pull ribbon through to gather up the skirt creating a loose ruffle effect.

And it ties at the back

I didn’t do that bad of a job at guessing!

This all lead me to wanting to learn more about sewing and to create things of my own! Now, I’m doing a pleated tennis skirt project with the help from Annika Victoria’s YouTube video titled, ” DIY Pleated Skirt Tutorial.” This is my practice run and my measurements for my future skirt.

I hope to create some cosplays soon. I also plan on making a ruffled wrap skirt using another YouTube video of course. I just don’t know which one yet!

I could’ve said no to creating the student’s skirts and tops, but I didn’t. I’m so glad I pushed myself to do it!

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Whether it be learning a new skill, traveling to a place you’ve never been Before, trying a new food, or anything else you never know where it’ll lead you to! Just try! If whatever you try doesn’t work out, you’ll come out with a new memory and learning experience. Lastly, don’t beat yourself down if something doesn’t work out. Remember to laugh at yourself!

Let me know if you’d like me to show you anything in more detail and directions!

Another day must end of us being together! Oh how much I wish I could stop time sometimes. Don’t worry, I’ll hopefully see you again soon! Toodaloo!

4 thoughts on “My Hand Sewing Machine and Me

  1. Hold onto this little sewing machine, because it’s your first, but won’t be your last machine. 🙂 I do believe you’ve caught the sewing bug. You did well with this simple machine, which likely would have frustrated the most experienced sewing enthusiast. Keep us posted on your future creations.

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