My experience with Cleansing Conditioner

AHHHH! Skirts have been mended, dances have been performed, and classrooms have been all cleaned out! A volunteer’s job has been completed and a new adventure begins because iiiittttt’sss SUMMER TIME!

Bring on all the cleansing conditioner! Okay, it’s not very summery but it is if you want FABULOUS voluminous hair to match all those super cute summery dresses of yours.

Sooo… cleansing conditioner. I tried the one from the brand WEN by Chaz Dean for 3 weeks while washing my hair every 3-4 days.

Put away your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, and leave in conditioner because this product is all of those in one bottle! This conditioner is supposed to be a healthier alternative to washing your hair. Its formula keeps you away from those harsh ingredients your other shampoo may have. It focuses on keeping your natural oils that shampoo can strip away. By the way, it doesn’t have an ingredient called sodium lauryl/laureth?

How did I like it?

The first time I used it, I didn’t feel or see the difference with my hair. After the second time, I saw that my curls looked more defined than what my usual products leave me with. It added more volume to my hair which I HAVE ENOUGH of. I didn’t really like that because it made my hair look even more like cabbage. Great for those of you with flat hair though!

I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts that most products make my hair way too soft and flatten my curls. This product didn’t do that to my hair. It left me with my beautiful curls I love seeing. Once I went back to my regular shampoo and conditioner, I noticed my hair went back to feeling dry. The difference with using the cleansing conditioner is that my hair felt super soft and moisturized!

Hmmhmhmhm I felt like washing my hair as often as I normally do. I didn’t really feel that I didn’t have to wash it less often. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about! The conditioner bottle says that “you may find that you don’t need to cleanse as often”

I tried my best to follow the instructions of the bottle. The pumps vary for the length of hair. Since I have short hair, I start off by using 8 pumps to wash my hair as I normally do with shampoo. I wash that off and leave on the remaining 8 pumps during the rest of my shower and wash it off before I’m done. You are able to leave on some of the conditioner before getting out of the shower!

The ssscceeennttt!

A perfect mixture between the sweetness of the winter cranberries and the mintiness of MINT! Paired together, they result in leaving you feel refreshed and clean! I don’t know about you, but I hate those sweet smelling shampoos. They make me feel like I’m running candy all over my hair!

The grand finale

I’ll probably wash my hair tonight and use this product once again! Oh, another plus about this product is that you can save it for your lazy days where you just want to get washing your hair and putting in products over with quick!

If you plan on giving this product a try, let me know what you think! It may not workout for you the way it did for me so I’d love to hear your side of this story.

It’s so sad to say goodbye to you! Don’t worry, we’ll meet again next week! I didn’t meet with you last week because I couldn’t figure out what to write about!

Bbyyyeee, Stay fabulous!

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