Come and see my new clothes!

Happy to say that…. I went shopping! Which means, I have some goodies to show you today! Hopefully you love them too so we can be fabulous together. More fabulous than before of course. Have I said that before? Probably. Fabulous is forever!!!!!


Billabong Overalls

THESE OVERALLS ARE AMAZING! My favorite part about them is the pocket at the front. My cat could’ve fit in it if she hadn’t gained so much weight. If your cat can’t fit in this pocket then it can be used for stuffed toys and snacks for those well needed snack breaks!

The quality of them is prreeetttyyy darn good. The brand is Billabong and their clothes may be expensive, but they have some of the best quality in clothes compared to other clothing around Macy’s that I’ve felt. Has anyone noticed that Macy’s quality has gone down?

The tag did say that their color can fade if you don’t wash them carefully. I didn’t listen to the directions though. I just dumped them into my big pile of clothes and threw it all into the washer on cold and hand wash.

Another one of my favorite features, is how I have to tie the straps to adjust them

I can’t forget! The cut of the shorts! They’re cut so they’re lifted up at a high point at the side of your thigh and goes down. It’s similar to the shape of an asymmetrical bob haircut

Can you tell?

Skirt and Top

I’m so glad I walked into Francesca’s the day I did. I usually skip this store because it’s wwwaaayyy too pricey for the quality of clothes. Plus they always have the terrible sale of buy one get one 50 percent off. Well, this day they had items in clearance ranging from $4 through $20! I came out with this cutie

Link to Francesca’s for skirt

The bold red and green colors is what really caught my attention because I’ve been getting into using bold colors in my acrylic paintings. The colors especially reminded me of Mexico and really wanting to study Chicano art when I transfer to university. In case you didn’t know, I’m Mexican!

You’ll probably want to go up a size on this skirt! It does fit a little small for being a size small. Did I mention, it’s only 14$ right now!


Link to Buckle for White top

This top takes my skirt from Mexico to the streets of Italy! I can just imagine myself shopping at a farmers market in Italy with a shopping bag hanging on my arm while I pick up fruit to see which one will come home with me. Ahhh what a dream!

I love the square neckline cut of this top. I don’t usually wear white tops, but I thought it brightened up my whole outfit. That little v at the front is held together by a bar. Those bars can be uncomfortable to wear but since the material is as soft as a pillow it cushions the discomfort of the bar that I usually hate. Plus, it doesn’t lay flat on my chest.

Look at the cut of those sleeves! They’re so unique!

The back has a strip of the fabric going across

If you plan on getting this top, go a size down because the size small fit me like a medium.

I adore every piece I bought and I can’t wait to wear them. What did you think? Which pieces are your favorite? Thanks for meeting with me once again! As always, I enjoy meeting with you and I can’t wait to see you again!

Bbbyyeeeee! See ya later!

7 thoughts on “Come and see my new clothes!

  1. Hey! Cute blog. I did a post with the same skirt mentioning how much cuter it is in person than on the website. It is super cute on you too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw! Thanks for reading 💕😊 I usually just pick out a top because I like it but I never have thought into why! Until I started writing and began to look at clothes differently.

      Liked by 1 person

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