Mini Daiso Haul

Gguueesss who went shopping at Daiso again!? Me! My favorite one to go to so far in California is located in San Dimas. Which one is your favorite to shop at?

What did I get at Daiso this time? SO MANY QUESTIONS! I’ll tell ya what I bought!

First up: Butterfly hair clips

I say this a lot with all sorts of items, but if I were a hair clip, this is how I would look except I’d be an actual crystal instead of plastic. I’m going to love pairing them with a pink glittery makeup look and wearing them throughout the summer!

The crystal effect give the hair clips more style than the usual hair claws I’ve been seeing a lot of girls wearing.

AHH! You guys! I reeeaaalllyyyy regret not buying more of these butterfly clips! Let’s just hope the Daiso near me has them!

Ribbon shoelaces!

I have a pair of wanna be converse I bought from Forever 21 a while back. I stopped wearing them because they started to look worn out. Plus, I hated the shoelaces because they made the shoes too boring. They were in desperate need of a makeover!

Then, BAM! The idea hit me as sudden as saying bam was! Why not switch the shoelaces out for ribbon! At Daiso, they have ribbon in shoelace form! That way you don’t have to worry about the ribbon fraying and having to DIY your own shoe lace with regular ribbon.

Do you think they only come with one shoe lace for one shoe??

Don’t let the packaging fool you like it did with me because one packet comes with TWO pairs of laces! Now I have an extra packet to save for another shoe! I was able to tie the shoe lace through 6 holes before it got too short to tie my laces.

It’s amazing how much little details can change a whole picture.

I really hope Daiso brings out some new items soon!


YAY! I finished my job of being a coach for a technology camp at my community college! Out of it, I made some really great memories and SOME MONEY! I’m planning on saving half of it for school and using the other half to buy some fabric to continue my sewing journey, acrylic paint, and clothes/accessories! Sooo stay tuned to see some of my sewing projects and any super cute clothes and accessories I buy!

That’s it for this week! I can’t wait to chat with you again! Bbbyyyeeeee!

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