My Dr.Martens Sandals

My feet fell in love with my Dr. Marten sandals

Link to the sandals: Blaire

I always expected Dr.Martens to be just another brand with high priced shoes that were uncomfortable and heavy. It might be true for some other shoes but definitely not for this pair of sandals.

Even with my negative thoughts about Dr.Martens, I knew I’d get my own pair one day! I’m a sucker for those chunky bottoms and the thick yellow stitching each pair of Dr.Martens shoes have. I fell even more in love with Dr.Martens after seeing their collaboration with Lazy Oaf. They’re like fashionable pairs of Frankenstein shoes!

Let’s get into this review!

“With bouncing soles”

Do you remember jumping on your spring mattress when you were a kid? Well, do you remember how those springs felt on your feet as you jumped back down into the mattress? Just add a thin layer of memory foam and that’s how the soles of these shoes feel. Every step you take is like you’re bouncing off that springy foamy mattress. Hey! If a pair of shoes bring you happy memories, then they’re a good pair.


These are one of the best made sandals I’ve worn! (Cough cough NOT better than my Teva sandals. My Teva sandals rule! ) The stitching is neat and nicely done with no threads hanging out. At least for now! There are no strings of glue. The leather is as soft and smooth as a cotton ball and feels light and thin. It also has what seems like a smooth soft layer of black leather lining sewn beneath every strap of the shoe.

It’s a very small detail but there’s a cushioned part sticking out at the back of the shoe behind the shoe tag.

It weirdly ties the style of this shoe all together. Even the tag sticking out contributes to Dr.Marten’s style. Look! They even have the symbol sunk into the bottom of the shoe!

Things to watch out for

SIZING! The size of these sandals are a 7

Here’s the dilemma with my shoes: Dr. Marten shoes run on whole sizes, so my size in them would be 7 (I’m normally a 7 and a half). They don’t fit like a size 7 shoe would normally fit me. Instead, they fit like a size 8. A size 6 probably would’ve been better for me.

The only problem that I think arises from this is the discomfort around the ankle area if I want them tighter. The tighter I make them the more pressure around my ankles and the more I feel like I’m lugging my shoe around. It really isn’t a big deal though because I don’t mind keeping my ankle strap loose. As long as I’m not riding any carnival rides where my feet are dangling.

The shoe sizing really depends on your feet and the construction of the Dr.Marten shoe you’re choosing. By the way, These were my mom’s sandals. She wore them out for one day during her New York trip so they were bought to fit her feet nicely. For her, she would normally wear an 8, but she had to go down to a 7.

P.S thanks mom

What did you think? Do you like Dr.Martens shoes? I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Oh how much I wish you were here! I’m just glad you’re here in some way. I hope you stop by next week, bbyyee!

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