Fab, Fit, Fun, and FREE!

Fab, fit, fun, and FREE! That’s right I got a fab fit fun box for free! How??!!! I was window shopping at South Coast Plaza last Friday and found out that Microsoft was giving away free boxes if you watched a quick computer demonstration!

I was patient and didn’t open my box because I wanted to open it up with you guys to see for the first time what’s in it!

A magazine is included that goes over perks of the box, top rated fab fit fun products, how the box is curated, and some workout tips. Very positive and motivating! Hmmm I don’t have much else to say about that! Let’s dive into the goodies

!!!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY THAT THERE ARE FACE MASKS! I was in desperate need of them and was even close to buying some but changed my mind. Why? I don’t know! It worked out though!

Link to GlamGlow Bubblesheet Oxygenating Deep Cleansing Mask

THAT WAS SO COOL! I FELT LIKE I WENT THROUGH A CAR WASH! The bubbles felt so smooth and moisturizing to massage throughout my face! One face mask is $9.00. In my box, I got two of them set at $18

There’s even an exfoliator!!! (I waited to use it the next night since I put on the face mask out of excitement after opening the package.) Since that night of using it,  I’ve already used the Dr.Brandt exfoliator 3 times and have loved my experiences with it.

Link to Dr.Brandt Skincare Microdermabrasion Exfoliator

This is priced at $79.00! Did I enjoy it? YES! It seemed and felt as if it dug into my pores and shoveled out all of the dirt hidden inside and it left me with clear and fresh feeling skin. I even LOVED how my face looked radiant and clean the next morning.

Is it worth the $79.00?  I’ll enjoy using it until it runs out and I would go out of my way to purchase it IF I HAD A JOB! There are other exfoliating products that work the same and are set at a cheaper price like my PUR exfoliating stick. It really depends on you and the type of brand and products that work best for your skin.

Link to Skin and Co Roma Truffle Therapy Radiant Dew Spray

Truffle therapy illuminating skin refresh mist? More like Refresh Mist. That’s all it is, a refreshing spray. Its wonderful scent is a mixture of ginger and peppermint. Just as the bottle says! This will definitely accompany me when I go out into the deadly heat to refresh me when I’m feeling in need of a splash of a cup of cold iced water onto my face. HMMM $35? It’s worth the free price I got it for.

Link to Rachel Pally Scarf

This is something I would pass by shopping at Marshall’s. I would never have expected it to be a fashion accessory that I would adore. The color will fit with most outfits and the pattern will pair  perfectly with my solid colored outfits! It’s really hard to believe that this is a $68 scarf.

Is it worth it?

Please correct me if I made a mistake! The fab, fit, fun boxes include 8-10 whole sized bottles of each product it comes with that season. The boxes come with a mixture of fashion accessories, skin care, and beauty products. Looking on the website, you can either pay an annual fee of $180.00 (originally $200.00 I guess it’s some discount they’re having) or a seasonal fee of $50.00. The products you get are a $200 value. HMMM…

First of all, I’m really happy with the items I got in this sample box! They might’ve just chose their best products to include in this box to make sure they convince more beautiful shoppers like us to purchase a box.

Unless you want a complete mystery and a new and exciting experience, this is worth it. Otherwise, you might come out with only one item you like for the price you pay. That one item might be the sheet masks, for example, priced at $18 but you ended up spending $50 on it.  I’d rather go out and spend the money I’d spend on these boxes and get items I know I’ll for sure enjoy.

I don’t know lads and gals what do you think about these subscription boxes?

Oh how much I love talking to you! I hope we meet again next week! Bbbyyyeee!

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