What I wore in Kansas

LOOK WHO IS BACK FROM KANSAS (me)!!!! To my fellow Californians: let’s be thankful for our weather!!! If you live in Kansas, HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THE EXTREME WEATHER?!

I made sure to pack clothes I haven’t worn before to keep me from wearing the same ol’ clothes I wear everyday when I’m home. Okay, let’s talk abboouutt clothes!

Day one: Fresh out of the airport!

You can find this dress in my closet because Dillard’s sadly doesn’t sell it anymore!!! YOU have to go shopping at Dillard’s sale section. You’ll find some really cute and good quality items for a good price.

I bought this dress specifically for the airport. I used to wear sweatpants and t-shirts for my flights but I hated how they made me feel sssSSoooOOO unconfident! I chose comfort over looking and feeling good.

This dress has the perfect mixture of comfort and cuteness. It was like I wore a fashionable night gown! I highly recommend to wear t-shirt dresses when you travel!

I paired it with my black chunky shoes along with my cat mesh socks


Day 2: LeT’s gO OuT

I couldn’t wait to put this dress on! I felt like a fairy who flew out of a garden and transformed into a regular human!

I wore my little butterfly clips with the dress! They matched perfectly with it huh?

A bit of pink blush, pink highlighter, and pink eyeliner to keep my pink flower theme flowing from head to toe!

The only risk I took wearing this dress is my sweat showing through. Luckily, I kept myself cool by walking into air conditioned stores and walking in the shade so I didn’t sweat too bad. Other than that, the silk material felt so nice to wear during this type of weather since it’s thin, light, and didn’t get warm as easily as my other cotton clothes.

Day 3: Awkward, Girly, tomboy, and accessories

Day three’s outfit has a bit of a tomboy flare to it because of the shoes I decided to wear.

Spot these earrings at H&M

What makes my style MY STYLE? Simplicity! Jewelry isn’t as important to me as the style of dress, skirt, and top I wear. My mindset changed a little bit after falling in love with this pair of earrings though!

I opened myself up to wearing earrings after buying this pair! From now on, I’m going to try to wear earrings that are fun and different.

Day 4: There’s no place like home

Link to overalls

I wore this all day out in Kansas and headed home in this outfit! I know I know I’ve worn these overalls out so much ever since I bought them. You can’t go on a trip without a pair of overalls though! My pocket is so convenient to be able to just pull snacks out!

I felt really happy over the outfits I wore in Kansas. I used to throw on whatever and go out not looking as good as I wanted to going out to stores and trips. I let the thought of what other people might think if I wore dressy clothes and heeled shoes in a crowd of sneakers, workout pants, and workout tops. I learned to stop worrying about what others might think about my appearance and started to wear what makes me happy.

Which outfit is your favorite? Comment down below! Where are you traveling to?

I hope to see you next week when we meet again! Bbbyyyeeeee!

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