Another day in Los Angeles!

I don’t know about you but I find $7 or $10 for one yard of fabric RIDICULOUS! Joanns, Hobby lobby, and Wal-Mart why??? I found a solution to this pricey fabric problem… travel to the LA fashion district! Not only did I find great prices but I also had a fun adventure to add to my memories!

That’s enough talkin’ let’s get the pictures on!

I crossed that lady out because it felt weird to keep her in

Well that was…. disappointing. I didn’t get enough photos to show you!

The fashion district’s fabrics is one of many areas to explore in LA where you can find different types of fabrics ranging from clothing material to make costumes, tops, skirts, dresses, whatever you want! Also, material to make carpets, curtains, and trimming.

Depending which shop you walk into, you can find yards of fabric as cheap as 99 cents or $3. It’s really good for anyone who’s practicing sewing like me. It’s where I found my fabric for my Bo Beep costume!

It is messy and not the cleanest place you’ll find yourself in and the sales people can be a bit annoying to deal with, so you might feel a little uncomfortable. All of that didn’t bother me though! You get to see a different perspective of LA than what you might be used to seeing on television and social media.

There’s so many stores and streets filled with fabric to walk down. To narrow your search, look up the store Imperial Trim and Bead on Maple Ave. it’ll take you to the area I was in. If you walk down onto 9th street, you’ll see more fabric stores! It’s really hard not to see once you’re there. As you drive, you’ll notice public parking lots to park at. Of course don’t completely rely on the directions I tell you here! I could get you lost!

On my next blog post you’ll see an amateur at sewing trying to make her very first costume! Yay!

What’s your favorite spot in LA to visit? If you don’t live in California, what place do you want to visit the most here?

Oh the joy of talking to you! Thank you so much for being here with me! See you next time when we meet again… Bbbyyyeeeee!

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