My Favorite Sale Section Finds!

Hello again! Let’s get straight into the conversation… The sales section in stores always look UNINVITING! So many racks of bunched up clothing to look through and most of the time you come out with nothing because stores usually place their trashiest items there! Well well well… as negative as I might sound, I actually found some clothing pieces I adore in the sale sections of Marshall’s, Zara, and Uniqlo. The best part of it all is that nothing I’m showing you is over $20!

Outfit 1: Meshed up

Brand and Price: Zara mesh dress found at Marshall’s for $12

I’m trying really hard to purchase different styles of clothes rather than sticking to what I feel safe with. I was worried if I’d be able to make this dress work but I think I did by pairing it with a plain black t-shirt dress I bought from Francesca’s a year ago.

I found this dress with one of the straps ripped off! Thanks to YouTube I learned how to hand sew and sewed it back together!

Outfit 2: Let’s go to the Beach!

Brand and Price: Japna overalls found at Marshall’s priced at $13

I always find cute clothes from Japna. If you’re going to Marshall’s check this brand out! These overall shorts have a lining underneath them but they’re still see through so I’ll have to be careful with what I decide to wear underneath. I paired it with this little striped top from Forever 21 to make it less plain.

Outfit 3: Look at me now MOM!

Brand and Price: Jeans are from Zara priced at $13 and top is from Gaze found at Marshall’s priced at $6

WOOOO! I joined the mom jean trend that started ages ago! How did I do with this pairing?

Outfit 4: Hey

Brand and Price: Top is Style Envy found at Marshall’s for $8

Outfit 5: Never growing up

Brand and Price: Uniqlo for $20

Okay, this rain coat was actually found at the kids sale section. I’ve been wanting a cute little jacket that seemed like a baby doll would wear and this was perfect! If only it was pink. I fit in the size 11-12!

SOOOOOOOO what did you think?! Which outfit is your favorite? Have you found any good sale section items?

I can’t wait to talk to you again next week! Until then, stay hydrated and wear TONS of sunscreen! Sseeeee ya later, bbbyyyyeeee!!

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