The best time to wear an Oversized Sweater! (Not Today)

YYYAAAYYY! FALL IS ALMOST HERE! Who else is melting in 100 degrees heat desperate for fall to bring on the orange leaves, cold breezes, and pumpkin pie!?

I ggguueeessss I’ll be patient for the season to start, but I can’t be patient to show you this SUPER OVER SIZED SWEATER I bought!

If you like Free People, rummaging through the sale racks at Macy’s is a great way to find Free People clothing at good prices. I found this sweater priced at $25!!! Isn’t that amazing???

(I cropped out my potato face because I want the sweater and shoes to be the stars of this picture)

My shiny/messy creepers and mesh cat ankle socks came to mind when I thought about which shoes to wear! Now I’m thinking it’d look cuter with fishnet socks!

For my bottoms, I decided to wear my jean skirt! I’m sure it’ll look cute paired with my mom jeans and stockings once the weather gets colder.

I’ve been trying to collect more items that are artsy. What’s so artsy about this sweater though? The colors! I love playing with color when it comes to painting and this sweater shows my love for it.

Okay, you might not see what I’m talking about. I just feel a connection to it! Don’t you ever see something and know that you HAVE to have it because there’s something special about it???

I even like that the edges are popping out showing changes between the colors.

As thick as it might seem, this sweater is not heavy or thick! Oh yeah! The turtle neckline is HUUGGEE!

Do you think you’ll be getting an over sized sweater to match with me? I’d love to know what you thought about this post!

At the end of the day, trees are fluffy with green leaves. The sun beams on my skin slowly melting me and I can’t wear sweaters just yet. Until fall weather arrives, let’s enjoy the last dreadful days of summer!

See ya later! Bbbbyyyeee!

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