The Perfect Hair Mask

Face masks?! No no we’re talking about HAIR masks! I have two masks to show you and one of those worked best with my curly hair. Don’t worry I have a recommendation for you non curly haired gals and lads as well!

Wella Fusion Plex hair mask

Link to Hair Mask

After your hair is clean and damp, you apply this hair mask and leave it on for 5 minutes! It’s supposed to help protect and repair your fabulous hair from breakage caused by combing and heat from all those curly and straight irons you might constantly use.

This hair mask left my hair feeling soft the two times I used it but the problem was that it didn’t define my curls it smoothed them out leaving me with waves.

I know! My hair looks Dry as a bone. I don’t think any product helps dry hair so I’ll just have to get a trim to cut off my ends! I think my mousse has a lot to do with it though.

The only other product I applied after my hair was all finished with its wash routine, was a half handful of moose and a dime size of my defining curl creme. I usually pile on a bunch of my products into my hair. This time I really wanted to see how my hair would look if I didn’t apply the usual amount of product and leave the hair mask to do most of the work!

I was pretty happy with the result even though I would’ve liked my curls to be more curly and bouncy. Usually when I don’t pile on all my products my hair falls flat and I’m stuck with weird soft straightish hair. That didn’t happen though! Instead I was left with soft wavy voluminous hair. I also didn’t think my hair felt nourished after using this product. This one is definitely recommended for those of you with straight/wavy hair (bold).

Not your Mother’s Naturals hair mask

Link to hair mask

I didn’t see a bottle of this hair mask available at Ulta! I think it’s only these little envelopes that are available. One envelope is about $3

Can you please petition Not your Mother’s Naturals to have bottles of this! I’m SO glad I was able to use it 3 times already. I still have enough left over for one more usage!

Even though my hair is short, I still use a good chunk of it during one wash since my hair is so thick. You can probably get 2 or 3 uses out of this depending on your hair type!

You apply this hair mask to clean wet hair for 5-10 minutes.

It’s more flat here. Maybe I put too much moose on the night I used it and I went to sleep with my hair wet causing my hair to flatten! The three other days of using this product I LOVED how my hair looked!

I wore a proud curly cabbage (my hair shape reminds me of the shape of a cabbage). Anyway, my curls were cute thick 1-3 inch ringlets. Luckily, I captured this selfie of me with how my hair looked the day after using this hair mask. I didn’t apply much mousse at that time.

I definitely felt my hair feeling more conditioned and nourished after using this hair mask. For you curly haired people like me, definitely don’t miss out on this hair mask!

So what did you think? Will you be trying one of these masks?

Thank you so much for reading! I felt a bit down about how my blog was doing last week, and ended up not posting. BUT I decided that I love blogging and as long as I enjoy writing blog posts I’m going to keep writing!

See you later! Bbbyyyeee!

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