Today was a fail…

I’m going to tell you now…. by the end of this (keep reading I dare you) you’re going to ask yourself, “what was the point of this post???” There’s no point.

I went to Wal-Mart with a $25 gift card expecting to be as jolly as those youtuber’s who create cute outfits from Wal-Mart. If they could find some  cute clothing pieces, I could… right?

WARNING don’t go to Wal-Mart at night or ever. The lines take as long as waiting in a line for a ride at Disneyland minus the reward of traveling through space mountain, sunshine, and unicorns. Although, the crying and screaming kids stay the same. GO TO TARGET AND MARSHALL’S!

There were a couple of items  I was considering buying. One of those items was one of these furry mock neck sweaters.

What attracted me the most about these sweaters were their style. They looked cute to throw on with my flared jeans for class! The quality just wasn’t worth it. It felt similar to a sheer top with a glued thin layer of the teddy coat material. Something I imagined falling apart after one month of washing.


Out of all the super cool Halloween items, I came out with nothing. What a shame, what a shame. There was this Pumpkin t-shirt I wanted to wear for the class of second graders I volunteer in. I thought it’d make them smile!

Did I say yes? No I didn’t. I’m a little sad that I didn’t since it was only $5. I love over sized t-shirts. This one was just an uncomfortable oversize size! I would’ve loved to have a size small rather than medium soooo in the closet collecting dust it would’ve stayed in. Plus, this shade of orange looks terrible on me.

In the end,  I ended up buying some necessities

(Missing moose, toothbrush, and gum wasn’t needed)

Do you have the problem of ripping pair of tights you own? I do which is why buying a pair of tights was necessary!

I’m really stupid… I thought opaque meant see through and I like my tights SHEER not SUPER OPAQUE which is what these are.  I love them anyway though! They’re soft and comfortable! Sadly, I don’t want to deal with the Wal-Mart crowd to get more pairs. Marshall’s have just as good ones that come with 2 pairs for the same price.

As negative as I sound, I came out with some items I needed and I shop at Forever 21 for most of my clothes. You can find the same quality in clothes at Forever 21 as I did today at Wal-Mart.

Do you like Wal-Mart? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope I left you with a smile 🙂 bbyyyyeeee!


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